Sportiva's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello all!

Come fly with me as I continue my training to be an IFATC. Currently operating airports with intersecting runways to work on traffic flows! Come hang out! I’ll be taking my practical soon.

Services: Ground + Tower

Departing Runways:
Arriving Runways:
Pattern Work:

Enjoy your flight! Please leave any comments below so I can continually strive to provide the best ATC services possible!


KSTL Open for the next 30 minutes!

KSAN Open!

TNCM Open! Come fly over the beautiful waters of the Caribbean!

KSAN Now open. Come fly over beautiful SoCal!

Now open att EDDT!

Thank you very much for the excellent ATC.

The parallel landing with LH 503 was fun! Hope to see you again at EDDT.

312150MAR20 Feedback from Lufthansa 503 A359

I thought your ground and tower operations wently extremely smoothly and I am excited to know you’re well on your way to joining IFATC! I am not too concerned with the early exit as I was doing T&G but you quickly corrected it and that is great.

Cheers and see you in the skies!

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I was hoping we could get a great shot! Sorry for coming in so close over the top of you, say 200ft … was trying to stay out of the transgression area or whatever the correct terminology is. haha

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Thanks @AlexF!

That was fun watching that parallel landing! I snapped a few screenshots myself when you both were on short final!

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Thanks!! I appreciate the feedback and thank you for flying!

I checked my plane back at the gate. No scratches. All good! :-)

My fat fingers habitually pick remaining in the pattern it is like an uncontrollable muscle memory thing, lol, so sorry dude.

Hahah it’s okay. You gave me a great laugh on all those corrections :D

My internet crashed on me during your takeoff roll. Sorry about that! Enjoy your flight!

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ATC Services now OPEN at EDDT

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Flying already

Thanks for flying around a bit!

Hi there, basically the session went well, though there are not much aircraft around, so there is only one thing. About the transition, the approved altitude of EDDP should be 2600 ft, 1000ft separation from jet aircraft pattern altitude provides more separation meaning its safer, but there is no such option for 2600, so what I had done before in this airport is I approve transition at or above 3000. Despite that, all good! Thanks for hosting the session.

Thanks for the feedback!

I decided to give you a 2500 transition because there were no other aircraft flying the pattern, so I decided it was safe to give you that transition. Had there been other jets in airspace flying patterns, then I agree that 3000 would have been the appropriate altitude!

What do you think? Should I always just give 1000ft separation from jet pattern alltitude even if there is no traffic present?

Well in case you didn’t notice, you gave me 2000 instead. Its still fine haha. I’ll suggest we follow the protocol all the time, it works in that case, but yeah protocols are protocols, they are there because it just simply needed.