Spoooooooky Mooooooooooon

Ghostly Greetings to all,

(I promise the topic won’t be [candy] corny). I have had my laugh.
Anyways, I have partaken in some really cool group formation flights recently, and here are some of my photos! I hope y’all enjoy!


Airline: ♥️💙
Aircraft: seven-three-seven


My favorite!


Old and New

Bonus: Sneek peek to the next topic!

And that is all for tonight, folks! Please let me know how y’all liked the photos! Until next time, see y’all in the skies!


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Wonderful pictures!

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Thank you!!

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I love the old/new southwest formations

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I love the moon picture.

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Thank you!! I thought it was a nice contrast as well!

Thank you!!

Nice shots!

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@PolandBall_120 @InfiniteflightproYT thanks!! I really appreciate it!!

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Nice job! Those takes are AWESOME

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Thank you!!!

Wow! I think this is my most popular topic! I can’t wait to share my new edits when I am done!! Thanks for all of the likes, people!!!

Wa Wa Wee Wa, very nice!

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Ha! Thanks man!! I appreciate that!


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May you tell me the flight details for this photo please?

Really nice photos! GG!

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I have literally no idea!

you can see the details for the flight in the very begining of the topic. thanks for the compliment, too!!