Spooky Day Spotting - @ MSP


Yesterday, I decided to do some Halloween Spotting at my home airport of MSP for a few specials that were coming in. Enjoy the photos!

First off. A beautiful Delta A330neo coming in from Amsterdam with some sunshine! ☀️

Tide Pod One arriving into 30L with a PC12 in the background.

Glad to see these coming back to MSP! The Good Ole 717.

Can’t forget about the beautiful old livery!

Switching over to 30R. We have this beautiful Evo Blue!

A Eagle CRJ700 taxiing to 30R

Not a common visitor, a United 737-700!

Gotta love Southwest 💙❤️💛

Finally, We got this beautiful Alaskan Pixar Pier special livery taxiing to 30R!

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Canon EOS Rebel T7
Canon EF 75-300 lense

Hope everybody had a great Halloween!

ok bye


“okay bye” 😂😂 great shots!

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Thank you!

My OCD doesn’t like how the reversers are open like an inch lol

But great pics!

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Nice pictures hmmmmmmm

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Appreciate it!


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I love the A330neo. Keep up the great work! 🙂

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Yoooo another MSP spotter you love to see it!


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