Spooktacular Spotting @ PHX

Sky Harbor yesterday had a very high amount of special livery’s come in. I took these from 2 different locations. My main focus was Alaska’s Pixar Disney livery and WestJets’s Frozen Livery. Because I’m not set up for night photography let’s just say they came out scary enough to have any ghosts jump on the next flight out of town.

Regardless, not my best but not my worst.

First up is this palm tree shot inspired from recent posting from LAX and their show quality work of art.

Golden hour treated me kindly on this American beauty!

First time Spotting the SW Texas livery!

Got nice propeller blur on this DAC.


The 30 minute delay departure time killed any chance of a decent image while taxing. It’s pretty cool to see in person.

BA was generous to send their A350 from London. Was pleased with this shot.

Sun County showed up with their 40 years of flight livery. I’m a fan!

Another Southwest on display.

Still working on image quality for night shots.

Hope you enjoyed, until next time!


These are great! Been cool seeing you progress recently.

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what is that prop plane?

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It’s some sort of metroliner

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Key Lime Air / Denver Connection

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Thanks! (10)

Appreciate it, it’s been fun!

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Seconding what Andrew says, the quality of your shots has improved so much over only a few spotting topics. The pan especially is impressive. Just got to spend some time now learning the settings for nighttime shots 💪💪

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DAC is really gorgeous :)

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Thank you,

I find the panning relatively easy. Capturing the specific plane I want with it’s lighting and location is more a challenge.

It’s interesting when a photo comes out so much better then expected. I try and look back at how i did that. Sometimes trying harder and over complicating things works against the grain. I’ve taken some really good shots with little or not much effort.

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With a crop sensor at night there really isn’t much you can do unless you’ve got a tripod on you.

Because without a tripod any movement will blur any lights?

Well blurring the lights isn’t inherently a bad thing. It’s blurring the plane that’s the issue. If the plane is sitting still and you have a tripod, you can use something like a 10 second exposure time to be able to use like ISO100 (this is referred to as a “long exposure”). However, if the plane isn’t sitting still or you don’t have a tripod, it’s pretty difficult to hit anything at shutter speeds less than 1/10 (especially if the plane is moving quickly). With these shutter speeds you will need something like ISO6400+ which most crop sensors cannot properly handle.

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I’m afraid to say it’s nothing too special. It’s painted on most of their Tide Pod livery planes.

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i love these! lets see if you can beat @kamryn ʻs OGG shots

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That’s my first time seeing this one in Phoenix so I thought it was less common.

Where are his at? I got to see what I’m up against.

I don’t think it’s on all of the Tide Pods, but it’s definitely more than a few.

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I’m aiming to get to those quality of images, I don’t think it will happen in the next few weeks.