Spontaneous Flight #2

Alright I’m back in the air

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Anyone have a good rule of thumb for calculating top of descent? Lol.

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I have your captains seat all warmed up, wanna take it from me?

Hmm, time to find a way to land at KASE without crashing

You can lead me. I don’t have the flight plan. We may have to modify it, I wasn’t looking at altitudes when making it.

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I use this method.

I guess I’m going to hold until everything settles

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Guys go around if you don’t have the room.


Good I had the seatbelt sign on…

Wait for me guys. I had to go around.

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Either Henrik had a hard time with the centerline or the runway placement is different in global.

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This is how I feel not being in an FDS livery rn



Everyone stay put so people can get pictures.

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@Carson we’re watching. 👀


Sorry guys, I didn’t park in a real parking spot. Someone spawned in so I didn’t want to prevent them from taxiing.

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Ughh going around. Wait for me guys.

Make it a tight pattern.

I’ve gotten some great pictures… I’ll upload them in a moment.

Everyone turn your lights off when you’re parked.

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Noooooooo! I feel like I’m flying in an airshow. Time to land at runway 33.

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