Spontaneous Event Thread?

Can there be a thread that hosts spontaneous events. I do not plan events because I never know when I’m going to be free. Sometimes I get free time and would like to fly with people at that moment. I know I could create a separate thread for each time I am free and want to fly, but doesn’t that clutter the forum with a bunch of threads that are “closed.” So instead we could have one thread that people could post if they want to fly with others at that specific moment. Am I crazy, or is it a good idea?

Or a live chat.

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Yes live chat would be ideal! But since that is not an option…

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Is a live chat a feature that discourse has that can just be added in? Or is it more complicated?

I don’t think there are any good options with discourse unfortunately.

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That is basically what I am trying to do with the thread I started tonight. I modeled it off of the “ATC Practice” thread that was a success while it was around.


I have no idea if it is going to work out, but I’m with you for more spontaneous events. Watch and see if I get trouble. Thay should be a good indicator.


That’s basically the same idea as the spontaneous events, but what I’m saying is… That there can be only one thread for all spontaneous events, and if someone wants to fly with someone right then they can just post on that one thread

Oh okay, I misunderstood the part about a single thread. I would be for that idea!! (Even though it destroys the fighter genre thread in it’s infancy, haha doh!) I am all for ideas that help improve community events.

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Theres no problem with the fighter genre thread. You guys can still hold events. But for people with no group and just want casual flying this universal thread would be good.

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Live Chats could be added in. Usually it’s something another website hosts and you insert the HTML code into the header of your own website. This is probably not an option for us though.

So what do you think about this “spontaneous event” thread? @Swang007

I think you’re missing the point. The thread im proposing is for anyone that want a casual flight with anyone else thats online

Sorry bout that.


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I’m not sure. I don’t really mind having this, but other mods or admins are against mass threads that aren’t being read through. A forum has threads, and threads are supposed to contain information that can be looked back on, archived, etc… Not really meant to be a chat.

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It’s fine:)

Yes i understand where you are coming from. The question is. Is it better to have one mass thread with a lot of posts about seperate spontaneous events or is it better to have a lot of threads about different spontaneous events. I think that the last one will make a lot of clutter. The ideal solution would be a live chat, but, since that’s off the table i figure this is the next best thing

You’re right, and I don’t have another solution. Just be aware that mass threads can be closed or deleted by any staff member at any time.

Of course. I’m not going to create it just yet, waiting for some more feedback

If no one has a problem with this I’m going to go ahead and create it.