[Sponsors needed][5 Attending] (RECREATED)The Washington D.C. flyout | 152100ZDEC19 | @KIAD,KDCA,KBWI

The Washington D.C. Flyout

This event will have 3 airports to choose from
▪ Baltimore/Washington International Airport
▪ Washington Dulles International Airport
▪ Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
Let’s try and fill up all 3 of these airports and make it epic!!

Event Details

Server: Expert
Time and Date: 2019-12-15T21:00:00Z
▪ Spawn inat your assigned gate at least 10 minutes before we start
▪ Respect Unicom if ATC isn’t present
▪ More info will be given on the day of the event
▪ Not all routes could be added due to the limited amount of gates so please feel free to request one that isn’t listed
▪ If anything is wrong in the event just PM me please

Airport Information

Washington Dulles International Airport (KIAD)

This Airport is the biggest out of the 3 airports and handles most of the international flights.This airport handles over 24 million passengers a year with 47 passenger airlines and 3 cargo airlines with it also being a hub for United.This airport has 123 gates and 4 runways

Ronald Reagan Washington National(KDCA)

This Airport is the smallest out of the 3 and it only handles domestic flights and few international flights to Canada.This airport handles just over 23 million passengers a year and serves 11 airlines with it being the hub for American Airlines.It has over 50 gates and 3 runways

Baltimore/Washington International(KBWI)

This Airport is the 2nd largest out of the 3 and it mostly handles domestic flights but also has Internationalflights.This airport handles over 27 million passengers a year and it serves 17 airlines and 6 cargo airlines and its a focus city for Spirit and Southwest.It has 70 gates and 3 runways


If you request a gate please add the following
▪ The gate
▪ The airline
▪ The Airport

Washington Dulles International

Concourse A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination IFC Username
1A United express CRJ-200 Albany (KALB)
1B United express CRJ-700 Charlotte (KCLT)
1C United express E170 Dallas (KDFW)
1E United express CRJ-900 Cleveland (KCLE)
1F United express CRJ-700 Detroit (KDTW)
1G United express CRJ-700 Indianapolis (KIND)
2A United express CRJ-200 Knoxville (KTYS)
2B United express E170 Nashville (KBNA)
2C United express CRJ-700 New York (KLGA) @Dylan_M
2E United express E170 Atlanta (KATL)
2F United express CRJ-700 Ottawa (CYOW)
2G United express CRJ-700 Chicago (KORD)
2A United express CRJ-200 Grand Rapids (KGRR)
3B United express CRJ-900 Cincinnati (KCVG)
3C United express E170 Louisville (KSDF)
3E United express CRJ-700 Chicago (KORD)
3F United express CRJ-200 Columbia (KCAE)
4A United express E170 Houston (KIAH)
4B United express CRJ-700 New Orleans (KMSY)
4C United express CRJ-700 New York (KLGA)
4E United express CRJ-200 Norfolk (KORF)
4F United express CRJ-700 Newark (KEWR)
5A United express CRJ-200 Ogdensburg (KOGS)
5B United express CRJ-700 Providence (KPVD)
5C United express E170 Atlanta (KATL)
5E United express CRJ-900 Pittsburgh (KPIT)
5F United express CRJ-200 Syracuse (KSYR)
6A United express CRJ-700 Toronto (CYYZ)
6B United express E170 San Antonio (KSAT)
6C United express CRJ-700 Buffalo (KBUF)
6E United express E170 Boston (KBOS)
A15 Iceland Air 757-200 Keflavik (BIKF)
A16 Emirates 777-300ER Dubai (OMDB)
A19 Copa airlines 737-800 Panama City (MPTO)
A20 Virgin Atlantic 787-9 London (EGLL)
A23 Qatar Airways 777-300ER Doha (OTHH)
A24 Porter Airlines Dash 8 Q400 Toronto (CYTZ) @Sashaz55
A31 Ethiopian Airlines 787-8 Addis Ababa (HAAB)
A32 Royal Air Maroc 787-8 Casablanca (GMMN)
Concourse B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination IFC Username
B37 Aeroflot A330 Moscow (UUEE)
B38 Air China 777-300ER Beijing (ZBAA)
B41 Air France 777-200ER Paris (LFPG)
B42 Alitalia 777-200ER Rome (LIRF)
B47 British Airways 777-200ER London (EGLL)
B48 South African Airways A330 Johannesburg (FAOR) via Dakar (GOBD)
B50 Lufthansa 747-800 Frankfurt (EDDF)
B51 KLM 777-300ER Amsterdam (EHAM) @Aviation-21
B62 Turkish Airlines 777-300ER Istanbul (LTFM)
B63 Scandinavian A330 Copenhagen (EKCH)
B64 Saudia 787-9 Jeddah (OEJN
B67 Air India 777-200OR Delhi (VIDP)
B70 Delta A321 Cancún (MMUN)
B71 Southwest 737-800 Orlando (KMCO)
B72 Southwest 737-800 Denver (KDEN)
B73 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Seattle (KSEA)
B74 Delta 737-800 Salt lake city (KSLC)
B75 American A321 Los Angeles (KLAX)
B76 Delta Connection E170 Minneapolis (KMSP)
B78 Alaska Airlines A320 San Francisco (KSFO)
B79 Delta Connection CRJ-700 New York (KJFK)
Concourse C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination IFC Username
C1 United 777-200ER Brussels (EBBR)
C2 United 777-200ER Paris (LFPG)
C3 United 757-300 Dublin (EIDW)
C4 United 787-9 London (EGLL)
C5 United 777-200ER Tel Aviv (LLBG)
C6 United A320 Mexico City (MMMX)
C7 United 737-700 Nashville (KBNA)
C8 United 777-200ER Frankfurt (EDDF)
C9 United 737-900 Grand Cayman (MWCR)
C11 United 767-300 São Paulo (SBGR)
C12 United 767-300 Zurich (LSZH)
C14 United 737-800 Montego Bay (MKJS)
C17 United 757-200 Vancouver (CYVR)
C18 United 737-800 Chicago (KORD)
C19 United 737-900 St. Maarten (TNCM)
C20 United 757-200 Phoenix (KPHX)
C22 United 737-900 Tampa (KTPA)
C23 United 777-200ER Sacramento (KSMF)
C24 United 737-900 Dallas (KDFW)
C26 United 737-700 Boston (KBOS)
C27 United 767-300 Geneva (LSGG)
C28 United 757-200 Denver (KDEN)
Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination IFC Username
D1 United A320 Las Vegas (KLAS)
D2 United 737-700 Cincinnati (KCVG)
D3 United 737-900 Detroit (KDTW)
D4 United express CRJ-700 Burlington (KBUR)
D5 United 737-900 Los Angeles (KLAX) @Thunderbolt
D6 United A320 Seattle (KSEA)
D7 United 737-700 Miami (KMIA)
D8 United express CRJ-200 Asheville (KAVL)
D10 United 737-800 Orlando (KMCO)
D11 United 737-900 San Diego (KSAN
D12 United 737-900 Portland (KPDX)
D14 United 737-800 San Antonio (KSAT)
D15 United 737-700 Raleigh/Durham (KRDU)
D16 United 737-800 Kansas city (KMCI)
D18 United A320 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL)
D19 United 737-700 Austin (KAUS)
D20 United 737-900 San Francisco (KSFO)
D21 United 737-700 Atlanta (KATL)
D24 United express CRJ-700 Dayton (KDAY)
D26 United express CRJ-700 Wilmington (KILM)
D29 United 737-900 Houston (KIAH)
D30 United 737-700 Newark (KEWR)
D32A United express 737-800 Oklahoma City (KOKC)
Concourse Z
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination IFC Username
Z6 Air Canada express E170 Toronto (CYYZ)
Z7 Air Canada express E170 Montréal (CYUL)
Z9 Frontier A320 Denver (KDEN)
Z10 Frontier A321 Las Vegas (KLAS)
Z12 Frontier A321 Austin (KAUS)
Z14 Frontier A320 Colorado springs (KCOS)

Ronald Reagan National airport


Terminal A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination IFC Username
Stand 01 Air Canada express CRJ-700 Toronto (CYYZ)
Stand 02 Southwest 737-700 Tampa (KTPA)
Stand 03 Southwest 737-800 Atlanta (KATL)
Stand 04 Frontier A321 Denver (KDEN)
Stand 05 Southwest 737-700 Chicago (KMDW)
Stand 06 Southwest 737-800 Kansas City (KMCI)
Stand 07 Southwest 737-800 St. Louis (KSTL)
Stand 08 Southwest 737-800 Dallas (KDAL)
Stand 09 Southwest 737-700 Columbus-Glenn (KCMH)
Terminal B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination IFC Username
10A United express CRJ-700 Houston (KIAH)
10 United express E170 Cleveland (KCLE)
10B United express CRJ-700 Newark (KEWR)
11 Alaska AirAirlines 737-900 Portland (KPDX)
12 Delta Connection E170 Boston (KBOS)
14 Delta Connection CRJ-200 Madison (KMSN)
15 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Seattle (KSEA)
16 United 757-200 Denver (KDEN)
17 United 737-800 Chicago (KORD)
18 Delta A320 New York (KJFK)
19 Delta 757-200 Los Angeles (KLAX)
20 Delta A320 Minneapolis (KMSP)
21 United 757-200 San Francisco (KSFO)
22 Delta A321 Atlanta (KATL)
Terminal B/C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination IFC Username
23 American 737-800 New York (KJFK)
24 American A320 Memphis (KMEM)
25 JetBlue E190 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL)
26 American A321 Los Angeles (KLAX
27 JetBlue E190 Orlando (KMCO)
28 JetBlue E190 Nantucket (KACK) @Matthew_20204
29 JetBlue E190 West Palm Beach (KPBI)
30 American A321 Dallas (KDFW)
31 American 737-800 Chicao (KORD)
32 American A320 Philadelphia (KPHL)
33 American 737-800 Bermuda (TXKF)
34 American A320 Boston (KBOS)
Terminal C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination IFC Username
35 American Eagle CRJ-700 Birmingham (KBHM)
36 American Eagle CRJ-200 Lansing (KLAN)
37 American Eagle CRJ-700 Tallahassee (KTLH)
38 American Eagle CRJ-200 Sarasota (KSRQ)
39 American Eagle CRJ-900 Detroit (KDTW)
40 American A320 Las Vegas (KLAS)
41 American Eagle CRJ-200 Montgomery (KMGM)
42 American 737-800 Phoenix (KPHX)
43A American Eagle CRJ-900 Chicago (KORD)
43C American Eagle CRJ-200 Huntsville (KHSV)
44C American Eagle CRJ-700 Pittsburgh (KPIT)
44 American 737-800 Miami (KMIA)
45 American Eagle CRJ-200 Greensboro (KGSO)

Baltimore/Washington International Airport

Concourse A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination IFC Username
A1 Southwest 737-700 Louisville (KSDF)
A2 Southwest 737-800 San Diego (KSAN)
A3 Southwest 737-800 Atlanta (KATL)
A4 Southwest 737-800 Austin (KAUS)
A5 Southwest 737-700 Houston (KHOU)
A6 Southwest 737-800 Los Angeles (KLAX)
A7 Southwest 737-700 Indianapolis (KIND)
A8 Southwest 737-700 Tampa (KTPA)
A9 Southwest 737-800 Milwaukee (KMKE)
A10 Southwest 737-800 Albuquerque (KABQ)
A11 Southwest 737-800 Sacramento (KSMF)
Concourse B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination IFC Username
B2 Southwest 737-700 Buffalo (KBUF)
B3 Southwest 737-700 Fort Myers (KRSW)
B4 Southwest 737-700 Chicago (KMDW)
B5 Southwest 737-800 Las Vegas (KLAS)
B6 Southwest 737-800 Phoenix (KPHX)
B7 Southwest 737-700 Oklahoma City (KOKC)
B8 Southwest 737-700 Salt Lake City (KSLC)
B9 Southwest 737-800 Seattle (KSEA)
B10 Southwest 737-800 Portland (KPWM)
B11 Southwest 737-700 Charleston (KCHS)
B12 Southwest 737-700 Dallas (KDAL)
B13 Southwest 737-800 Memphis (KMEM)
B14 Southwest 737-800 Oakland (KOAK)
B15 Southwest 737-700 Detroit (KDTW)
Concourse C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination IFC Username
C1 American Eagle CRJ-900 Charlotte (KCLT)
C2 American A321 Dallas (KDFW)
C3 Southwest 737-700 Cleveland (KCLE)
C4 American Eagle CRJ-900 Chicago (KORD)
C5 American Eagle CRJ-900 New York (KJFK)
C6 Southwest 737-800 New Orleans (KMSY)
C7 Southwest 737-700 Albany (KALB)
C9 Southwest 737-800 St. Louis (KSTL)
C10 American 737-800 Phoenix (KPHX)
C11 American A320 Miami (KMIA)
C12 Southwest 737-800 West Palm Beach (KPBI)
C13 American 737-800 Chicago (KORD
C14 Southwest 737-800 San Jose (KSJC)
Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination IFC Username
D1 Spirit A320 Boston (KBOS)
D2 JetBlue E190 Boston (KBOS)
D3 Spirit A321 Atlanta (KATL)
D4 Spirit A320 Myrtle beach (KMYR)
D5 Spirit A321 Detroit (KDTW)
D7 Air Canada express CRJ-900 Montréal (CYUL)
D8 Spirit A320 Chicago (KORD)
D10 Air Canada express E170 Toronto (CYYZ)
D11 Spirit A321 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL)
D12 Spirit A321 Las Vegas (KLAS)
D13 United 737-800 Chicago (KORD)
D14 Spirit A321 Cancún (MMUN)
D15 United 737-800 Houston (KIAH)
D16 United
D19 Alaska Airlines 737-800 San Diego (KSAN)
D20 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Los Angeles (KLAX)
D21 Delta Connection CRJ-900 Raleigh/Durham (KRDU)k
D22 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Seattle (KSEA)
D23 Delta 737-800 Salt Lake City (KSLC)
D24 Delta Connection E170 New York (KJFK)
D25 Delta A321 Atlanta (KATL)
D26 Delta 737-800 Minneapolis (KMSP)
D30 Delta Connection CRJ-700 Cincinnati (KCVG)
D31 Allegiant A320 Asheville (KAVL)
D32 Allegiant A320 Sarasota (KSRQ)
D33 Allegiant A320 Tulsa (KTUL)
Concourse E
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination IFC Username
E1 British Airways 787-9 London (EGLL)
E2 Southwest 737-800 Nassau (MYNN)
E3 Southwest 737-800 Punta Cana (MDPC)
E4 Southwest 737-800 Cancún (MMUN)
E5 Southwest 737-800 Montego Bay (MKJS)
E6 Condor 767-300(Generic) Frankfurt (EDDF)
E7 Southwest 737-700 San Juan (TJSJ)


I decided to recreate this event because I left a few months ago and didn’t complete it and I think this can be a very successful event so please sign up if you can

PM me to let me know of any errors

Don’t think your image is working

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That’s weird I’ll try to fix it

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Is it showing now

No it’s not.

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It’s showing for me😕

DCA gate 12 please and thank you.

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I will see later as it’s still to showing and I’ve closed out everything.

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Great!! I’ll add you

I’ll get gate A24! Thanks so much!

At what airport?

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@Matthew_20204 your picture is working now.

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Oh sorry Washington Dulles.

I’ll sign you up see you there

Can I have gate D5 United B737-900 to KLAX at Dulles?

Sure thing I’ll sign you up

This event will only successful if you sign up and there’s still a lot of great gates left

I’ll take Gate B64 to OEJN please

Just saying, there’s a couple other big fly outs planned for that day so you might not get the level of traffic you want.

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