[SPONSORS & ATTENDANTS NEEDED] [15 Attending!] Lets Fill Toronto Pearson! @CYYZ 051500ZOCT19

Server: Expert

Airport: CYYZ

Time: 1500Z 2019-10-05T14:00:00Z

For my second event, I have decided to go back to what will be, at that time, my old hometown, Toronto. I have flown about 50 times out of Pearson Airport between 2010 and 2019 and will do much more in the future. I felt like a good sendoff would be to host an event here! Please sign up as the goal is to fill the airport up with destinations it serves around the world!

NOTE If Airbus A350 and Boeing 777 updates are released before the event, aircraft are subject to change.

Also, check out my other event happening on October 27!:

Terminal 1
Pier D (Domestic)
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
101A Air Canada Express (Jazz) CYGK Q400
101 Air Canada Express (Jazz) CYQG Q400
103A Air Canada Express (Jazz) CYXU Q400
105 Air Canada Express (Jazz) CYSB Q400
107 Air Canada Express (Jazz) CYAM Q400
109 Air Canada Express (Jazz) CYTS Q400
110 Air Canada Express (Jazz) CYSJ Q400
111 Air Canada Express (Jazz) CYFC Q400
112 Air Canada Express (Jazz) CYZR Q400
120 Air Canada CYOW A321-200
122 Air Canada CYWG A321-200
124 Air Canada CYUL A330-300
126 Air Canada CYMM A319-100
128 Air Canada Rouge CYDF A319-100
131 Air Canada CYYC A321-200 @Ecoops123
133 Air Canada CYYT A321-200
134 Air Canada Express (Sky Regional) CYQX E175
135 Air Canada Rouge CYQB A319-100
136 Air Canada CYQR A319-100
137 Air Canada Rouge CYYJ A319-100
138A Air Canada CYEG A321-200 @mike116119
139 Air Canada YSSY via CYVR 777-200LR @Albert_a01
140 Air Canada Rouge CYQT A319-100
141 Air Canada CYVR 777-300ER @Gtmkm98
143A Air Canada CYHZ A321-200
144 Air Canada Rouge CYCD A319-100
145 Air Canada Express (Jazz) CYQY CRJ-900
Pier E (International)
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
170 Air Canada Rouge SKBO AC 767-300ER @Harold_Hoeg
172 Air Canada RJTT 777-300ER
173 Air Canada VHHH 777-200LR
174 Air Canada Rouge MUHG A319-100
175 Emirates OMDB A380-800
176 Air Canada EHAM 777-300ER
177 Air Canada EGLL 777-300ER
178 Ethiopian HAAB 787-8
179 Lufthansa EDDF 747-400 @Scandanavian54super
180 Air Canada Rouge LDZA AC 767-300ER
181 Air Canada Rouge SPJC AC 767-300ER @xsrvmy
Pier F (US)
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
132 Air Canada Rouge KPHX A319-100
151 Air Canada Rouge KMCO A319-100
153 Air Canada KSEA A319-100
155 United Airlines KSFO A320-200
157 Air Canada KLGA A319-100
160 Air Canada Express (Sky Regional) KBOS E175
161 Air Canada Rouge KLAS A319-100
162 Air Canada Express (Sky Regional) KPHL E175
163 Air Canada Rouge KMIA A319-100
164A Air Canada Express (Sky Regional) KORD E175 @Abudy
164B Air Canada Express (Sky Regional) KEWR E175
165 Air Canada Rouge KRSW A319-100
166A Air Canada Express (Sky Regional) KBWI E175
166B Air Canada Express (Sky Regional) KDFW E175
167 Air Canada Express (Sky Regional) KAUS E175
168B Air Canada Rouge KFLL A319-100
169A Air Canada KLAX 787-9
171 Air Canada KSFO 777-300ER
191 United Airlines KIAH 737-800
193 United Airlines KDEN A320-200
244 Air Canada Express (Georgian) KIAD CRJ-200
245 Air Canada Express (Jazz) KMSY CRJ-900
246 Air Canada Express (Georgian) KPIT CRJ-200 @Bren_McDonell
247 Air Canada Express (Jazz) KBNA CRJ-900
248 Air Canada Express (Georgian) KMCI CRJ-200
250 Air Canada Express (Georgian) KPVD CRJ-200
252 Air Canada Express (Georgian) KMEM CRJ-200
254 Air Canada Express (Jazz) KRDU CRJ-900
255 Air Canada Express (Sky Regional) KIAH E175
256 United Express (SkyWest) KORD CRJ-700
258 United Express (Mesa) KIAD CRJ-700
260 United Express (Mesa) KEWR CRJ-700
262 Air Canada Express (Georgian) KSTL CRJ-200
264 Air Canada Express (Georgian) KCLE CRJ-200
266 Air Canada Express (Georgian) KCMH CRJ-200
268 Air Canada Express (Georgian) KCVG CRJ-200
270 Air Canada Express (Georgian) KIND CRJ-200
272 Air Canada Express (Jazz) KBDL Q400
Remote Stands (US and International)
Stand Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
249 Air Canada Rouge TLPL A319-100
251 Air Canada Rouge MKJS A319-100
253 Air Canada Rouge TVSA A319-100
H1 Air Canada ZBAA 777-300ER
H2 Air India VIDP 787-8
H3 Air Canada EKCH 777-300ER
H4 Air Canada RKSI 777-300ER
H5 Air Canada SAEZ via SCEL 787-9
H6 Air Canada LLBG 787-9
H7 Air Canada TNCA A319-100
H8 Air Canada Rouge MMUN A319-100
H9 Air Canada Rouge MUVR A319-100
H10 Air Canada Rouge LKPR AC 767-300ER
H11 EgyptAir HECA A330-300
H12 Turkish Airlines LTFM 777-300ER
H13 Air Canada KLAX A321-200
Terminal 3
Pier A (US)
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
A1D WestJet Encore KBNA Q400
B7D Delta Connection (GoJet) KDTW CRJ-700
B7E American Eagle (PSA) KPHL CRJ-200
B7F American Eagle (SkyWest) KORD CRJ-700
B8 American Eagle (Envoy) KLGA CRJ-700
B9A American Eagle (PSA) KDCA CRJ-200
B9B Delta Connection (Endeavor) KJFK CRJ-900 @InfiniteFlight48
B10A Delta Connection (Endeavor) KCVG CRJ-200
B10B American Eagle (PSA) KCLT CRJ-900
B11 WestJet KMCO 737-800
B12 Delta Air Lines KSLC 737-800
B13 American Airlines KDFW 737-800 @Suhas_Jatla
B14 Delta Air Lines KATL 717-200
B15 Delta Connection (Endeavor) KMSP CRJ-900
B16 WestJet KLGA 737-700
B17 WestJet KRSW 737-800
B18 WestJet KTPA 737-800
B19 American Airlines KMIA 737-800
B20 WestJet KLAS 737-800
Pier B (Domestic)
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
A1A WestJet Encore CYUL Q400
A1B WestJet Encore CYFC Q400
A1C WestJet Encore CYQB Q400
A2 WestJet CYYC 737-800
A3B WestJet CYVR 737-800
A4 WestJet CYYG 737-800
A5B WestJet CYXE 737-700
A6B WestJet CYOW 737-700 @Thunder
B22 WestJet CYEG 737-800
C24 WestJet CYYT 737-700
C25 WestJet CYQY 737-700
C26 WestJet CYHZ 737-700 @majhz
C27 WestJet CYDF 737-800
Pier C (International)
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
C28 WestJet MDPC 737-800 @Kyan_Perry
C29 WestJet TBPB 737-800
C30 Etihad Airways OMAA 777-300ER @QVG-Crunch
C31 Pakistan Interntional OPLA 777-200LR
C32 British Airways EGLL 787-9
C33 British Airways EGKK 777-200ER
C34 China Southern ZGGG 787-8
C35 Philippine RPLL 777-300ER @Captain_JR
C36 Cathay Pacific VHHH 777-300ER
C37 Caribbean Airlines TTPP 737-800
C38 WestJet TTPP 737-800
C39 WestJet MMUN 737-800
C40A WestJet TNCM 737-800
C41 WestJet TAPA 737-800
Infield Terminal
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
521 KLM EHAM 777-200ER
522 Korean Air RKSI 777-200ER
523 Icelandair BIKF 757-200
525 EVA Air RCTP 787-10
528 WestJet MMUN 737-800
529 Alitalia LIRF 777-200ER
530 Aeromexico MMMX 737-700
531 Air France LFPG 777-200ER
North Cargo
Stand Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
1 Turkish Cargo LTBA A330-200F
2 UPS KSDF 757-200F
West Cargo
Stand Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
601 FedEx KMEM MD11F
602 FedEx CYYC MD11F
603 Lufthansa Cargo EDDF MD11F
604 FedEx KIND DC10F
605 FedEx CYSB C208
606 FedEx CYMX MD11F
607 FedEx CYYB C208
609 Korean Air Cargo PANC 777F

Thanks and I hope to see you there!


Any West Jet gate to KMCO

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Gate B11! You got it!

Thank you very much see you there 😎👍🏽I’m excited

my home airport:)
can i take gate 139 to YSSY via CYVR please
call sign: ac33
hopefully the 777 is updated by then.

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Ya, hopefully we get the new livery -200LR!

For sure! Thanks!

I’ll get C32 please and thank you

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You got it! Thanks!

By the way, if the A350 comes out before the event, your aircraft will most likely be switched to the A350-1000 (assuming IF puts it in the game)

Ya it’s supposed to be one of BA routes of the A350. I’ll hope it comes out 🤞. Thank you

No problem!

I’ll take this gate!

You got it! Thanks!

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Can I have this
191 United Airlines KIAH 737-800

It’s all yours! Thanks!

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This is the exact date and time of @BadPlane’s event I believe. You guys may have to work something out- or just let it be. If you do work something out- @BadPlane did post his event first. Please check other event times before creating events to prevent confusion in the future. Thanks!!

Thanks for letting me know, I didn’t see his event there. I will probably push it back by an hour or two just so we can have two events.

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I have changed the event to 1500Z to coordinate with that event.

@UnitedGuy19 @ThomasThePro @Armani_B @Gtmkm98 @Albert_a01 Please let me know if you cannot make the new time

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Sorry in that case I cannot come 🙁

It’s alright, my fault, you have been removed.

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Ok thanks buddy

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