Sponsored By Qantas and Virgin Virtual | Melbourne Airport Massive Flyout! @YMML-140000ZAPR19


4 more International Gates have been Added!

Lets fill up Melbourne Airport!


The Standby list is now available!

It is for those that want a gate, but can’t be certain that they will make it.

If you want to go onto the standby list, let me know by giving me these details:


So I wasn’t terminal 2 gate 9 at YMML with the a330 and the generic a330 as they have no Qantas livery


I’m going to give you B-23 as gate 9 is a smaller gate. Where will you be flying to?


I’ll take gate C-10 - Qantas 737-800 to YSCB 🙂


Got it! See you there!


Hi, I’m sorry to ask her here but can you tell how you do to make sure you have time in different countries?


Click on the gear icon and click ‘insert date’.



Thanks you and I will take
Gate : D6
Airline: Qantas
Aircraft: B787-9
Destination: YSSY
Callsign: Qantas 9878


Got it!

Also, since you are flying a domestic route, I’m going to to give you gate B-21


is the gate wide enough for the b787?


It sure is. :)


OK thanks you


I’ll be on the standby list, Rarotonga, terminal 2, air new zealand




I know that we still have until April but…

If we get enough people, we could have ATC services for this event!

The key words are enough people.

Spread the word! If you can’t be certain that you will make it, then I’ll put you on the Standby list!

Let’s fill Melbourne!


So you cannot come?


Actually I thought it was this weekend but I didn’t read the date so actually I can come


OK, all good. 🙂


Reserve your gate now!

The event is 2 months away! I aim to have as many gates filled as possible!

Let’s fill Melbourne Airport!