Sponsored By Qantas and Virgin Virtual | Melbourne Airport Massive Flyout! @YMML-140000ZAPR19


Could I get D-08 Virgin Australia 77W Destination KLAX


Sure thing! See you there!


Love regional flying?

Then why not take a gate in the Qantaslink Q400!

You could fly this aircraft from Mildura, to Launceston and everywhere in between!


I was mistaken about the route. Please take me out. I am so sorry about the inconvenience.


That is completely fine!


Can I get e-07 to YPPH in the virgin 738?


Sure thing! See you there!


Sign me up and also it will be great as the 8th April is my birthday


Sure thing!

I just need this info.

Also, this event is on the 14th of April. :)


Thanks! Hope to see you there.


Do you love flying long haul, but also really love low cost?

Then why not try Scoot or Jetstar in their 787’s!

International gates are still available, but are running out. Grab one while you can!


I’ll fly air Nz 320 to Wellington cheers


Sure! You have D-03. See you there!


Thanks man have a yeet day

Idk lol


I would like D16; I’ll be heading to VHHH in a Cathay 777-300ER.

I’m not quite grade 3 yet but I’m only a few landings away so hopefully I’ll be there and professional by the time April rolls around!


Sure! See you there!


@Chris_Hosford, you said that you wanted to attend. If so, I need the following info:

Thanks! :)


Sorry, but as I was looking through the rest of the thread I realised you already gave D16 to someone else, but it wasn’t in the main post, so could you change me to D11? Thanks!


The person that requested D-16 had to pull out. That’s why they aren’t in the main post. :)

Do you still want D-16 or do you want to change to D-11?


Ohh sorry for the misunderstanding, in that case I’ll stick with D16 then :)