Sponsored By Private Flying Group! [31 ATTENDING!] Flashback to the 90s Flyout! @ VHXX 232100ZNOV19

That is a nice idea! I think we have the man for such an event here (@George_Flack)

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Can I have a generic MD11F to PHNL?

Ok! Got everyone! Thank you all for signing up

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@Leong_Qi_Wei_819 I added a gate for you.

LFPG - Air France - DC-10 please !😁

Ok, signed you up!

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Good idea, it wound be better for landing in Kai Tak rather than just take off

Yeah, but it would be too complicated to set up, and think of all the possible crashes.

I did a few time with my friends, it takes times to practice but not impossible for Grade 3 I think

Hello, someone has summoned me…what’s up?

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Would you like a gate @George_Flack ?

Thank You so much

@Thunderbolt35 change the time to 1800Z

I am changing the time of the flyout to 21:00z due to flexibility and Daylight Saving Time!

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Wait, it went from 9am to 4 pm for me. How much with that change with daylight saving? If not much, can I change destination to RJBB?

This is with Daylight Saving Time

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I will change you to RJBB

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Wait…there is no RJBB.

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I will add Osaka for you.

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Ok, thanks