[Sponsored by NonStop Virtual][33 attending] Frankfurt Flyout @EDDF 272000ZAPR19


I will take this gate, but instead in a 747-400 to KDEN. Thanks!


Sure I’ll change it for you thanks for attending


Can i maybe change your gate to A54


That’s fine.


Instead of an American to DFW can I fly American to CLT please


Yes you can thanks for attending but do you want a A330 generic livery or the 777 livery


I will take terminal 1, gate B48 to KSEA.


I was gonna fly the airbus livery


HI I’d like to have the Etihad route to OMAA
IPP Captain Abel


@Abel_Kocsis @PilotDog @Devon_Mo_piedmont114 you guys are signed up thanks for attending


Gonna try T1 C8 to SBGR


Nice choice and thanks for signing up


I already signed up for another event(ATL-FRA) on this day plus I something going on this day where I’ll probably be back after. So I’m sorry that I can’t :(


Actually I’d like to sign up for gate D1 to RJAA. Thx


Can I take b46?


@United_1154 @A350iscool you guys are signed up see you there


I’ll take gate A38, LOT Polish to EPWA. Great choices here, see you later.


You’re signed up see you there


I´d like to take B45


Great choice see you there