[Sponsored by NonStop Virtual][31 attending] Frankfurt Flyout @EDDF 272000ZAPR19


Yes. This route between FRA and EWR is a real route. United will release their new 787-10 on this route in a week to replace the 777-200 currently on this route.


OK I’ll add you


Thank you :)


Hello! I’ll take A25 to VHHH


I’ll sign you up thanks for attending


I’ll take gate c16 to SCEL! callsign LA705


You’re signed up see you there


Due to my schedule, I’ll actually stay at gate D1 to Tokyo. However, I’ll have to depart earlier than the event is held(around 1700z).


OK no problem


Let’s fill up Frankfurt Airport, there’s so much gates to choose from so join us in this fun event


Can I fly to EIDW in an Airbus A319-100


I’ll take any gate


Sure I’ll sign you up thanks for attending


I want to fly from BKPR with the CRJ-700


Sure I’ll add you now


Hey can I take this one :)


OK I’ll add you see you there


I changed the date so let me know if you can still attend

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I will still be able to attend!


Great see you there