[Sponsored by IFGAC!] [12/13] XCub Landing Competition! @PAJN - 082000ZSEP19

XCub Landing Competition!

Taken at @Balloonchaser’s Event

Server: Expert

Airport: PAJN

Aircraft: XCub

Time: 2000Z | 2019-09-08T20:00:00Z


Even though there are thirteen spaces listed, I can add more if needed. The participants will be staying in the pattern. Your landings will be judged in a different way than usual. Of course, the typical ones Smoothness, Centerline, Touchdown Point and the new component - 2-point landing/3-point landing. If You do a 2-point landing, You get extra points! The points for that depend on how well the landing is performed.

Also, please come in either Orange & Gray or Yellow & Gray liveries.

GA Apron West Attendee Callsign
1 @ButterMachine BUTT3R
2 @Nicholas_Henry H-ENRY
3 @TheFlyingGuy1 N/A
4 @SP-SAI SP137
5 @DanVenezuela N/A
6 @United2 NAZ32
7 @Balloonchaser Balloonchaser
9 @Louie CS-FJD
10 @Captain_Infinite CPT-INFT
11 @nativetoalaska ALT-F4
12 @Mike M-4002

If a name is blue, that means that they are part of IFGAC!

About the Aircraft

Credit to CubCrafters for the picture.

Aircraft like the CubCrafters XCub often participate in Bush Flying, where the aircraft can land on rough and rigid terrain, because of its’ large tires. Of course in this competition we’ll be landing on an asphalt runway, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be challenging!

That being said, here’s some useful tutorials on taking off and landing! They include the 2-point and 3-point landings mentioned before :)

About the Airport

Credit to Mike Criss.

Juneau International Airport is a one-runway airport surrounded by the beautiful Alaskan mountains. It was established during World War II, where it was used by the military as a contact link between various facilities. Commercial operations were started by the now bankrupt Pan Am in 1991. Now, the airport gets about 110 000 aircraft visits per year, about 300 a day. Those come from General Avation, six commercial airlines, three cargo airlines and the military.

Taken at @Balloonchaser’s Event

The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club is Proud to partner with this event! We always love seeing GA events on the IFC and we are more than happy to contribute and play our part in the community and show our GA pride! The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club is Infinite Flights one and only GA Club! With over 150 members and plenty of events… It’s an amazing Virtual Organization to join!

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See You at Juneau!


Count me in! You already know the callsign.

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I am extremely bad at x-cub landings so RIP.


You have GA Apron West 1!

Let’s hope You BUTT3R with the XCub ;)

That’s why You have until September the 7th to practice :D

I wish I can come but I have school:(

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I would love to come, Fun plane and favorite airport, but I have a event on this day. 😢

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I could probably move it to Sunday @Butter_Boi and @Abudy if that’s okay with @ButterMachine

In my location I have school on Sunday. If you can move it to a Friday that would be good

@Butter_Boi @ButterMachine if that’s okay with You two?

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I’m in. I’ll take any slot

I think I can on Sunday, I’ll see…

What day is okay for You? Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

Depends what time

The time would stay the same.

I couldn’t make it if it’s on Friday. I get out of school an hour and half after the event time

So Sunday works?

GIMME GIMME GIMME that #2 spot 😂 I’m in!!!

Callsign is Zulu1538

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Alright, I changed the time to Sunday, since thst has the most demand, sorry @Abudy!

@ButterMachine let me know If You can make it on Sunday :)

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Don’t worry it’s fine

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