[Sponsored By ASVA and ACVA, 30 Attending] The American Thanksgiving: A Tribute To Our Devs @KDFW 291900ZNOV19

I’ll take A36 to SFO.

Traffic Flow for those who don’t know (DFW)

  • 13R is for arrivals from the west. 31L is only for departures to the west but normally it’s all arrivals

  • 18R/36L is also for arrivals from the west

  • 18L/36R is for departures to the west

  • 17R/35L is for departures to the east

  • 17C/35C is for arrivals from the east

  • 17L/35R is also for arrivals from the east

  • 13L/31R is mostly Fedex departures, no arrivals, not really used much

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Not true. Most long haul international arrivals arrive on 18R, with the exception to British Airways and Qatar, as well as 18L housing most international departures.

17R,17L, and 17C are most widebody domestic flights, regardless of departure airport.

13R is used infrequently, but does take traffic from any direction.

Trust me, I live directly under 13R.


Bonjour, I’ll take a flight to Frankfurt!

D8 looks like a nice gate.

Callsign: DLH439

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Where are the American CRJ9 gates?

If there are any, I’ll take a CRJ9 to St Louis. My callsign will be American 662. Thank you!

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We can always change default aircraft :)

Is it possible to put in a delta 747 for old times sake? If not could I have D30

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I’ll take E28 to MSY

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And where are you flying to?

Any real delta route really. I don’t know any international routes delta has.

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Ok, I’ll put you on D30, but I’m not sure if the 747-400 will fit there.

Edit: @Lil_Qaz You’re secured.

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I’ll check now

@Benny_132, wish you can fly to San Jose instead of San Francisco

Anyways, I’ll take a Gate to San Jose with the AA B738

Oh and my callsign will be AAVA100 @Czechoslovaki


The 744 fits in D30

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@BigBert10 I’m not signed up for this event lol - Gate 36 to KSFO is @Benny_132

Oh whoops! I must’ve typed it wrong

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No worries - doesn’t matter!

Can I have gate A38 to KFLL please

Still plenty of gates available!

Lufthansa Cargo to MMGL please!

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