[Sponsored By ASVA and ACVA, 30 Attending] The American Thanksgiving: A Tribute To Our Devs @KDFW 291900ZNOV19

Can I have gate A38 to KFLL please

Still plenty of gates available!

Lufthansa Cargo to MMGL please!

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A bump here…

It’s not many gates available, it’s too many gates available!

Another bump, don’t scroll by!

Can we get to 20 attendees?

I have changed the date of the event so that it does not interfere with this event

But still, the Gates won’t fill themselves!

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I’ll take D16x to YSSY please in the international terminal

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Thank you for attending!

Come on guys, let’s get more attendees!

I’m going to bump this topic, this is a great event with a great airport with a lot of gates available! Let’s make this a big flyout!

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No need to bump every day butter

Sorry @BadPlane, this is the first time I’ve bumped the event, I know it’s not my event it just looks like very fun and I want him to get attendees 🙂

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Can I have gate E27 to Denver?

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Thank you for attending!

Check out these events too!
Gates open for KSFO!

Gates open for KLGB!

Note: There are no direct flights to LGB from DFW

ONE gate for WSSS! Limited space!

@ButterAllDay you’re all accounted for :)


And my Kai Tak, Long Beach, and Singapore flyouts

May I switch to this gate? Will be heading to ATL. Thank you!

Okay @Claudio, okay

Ill take any flight to San Diego, LAX, or KSFO
Any airline, any gate

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Ok, I’ve signed you up at gate A13 for KSFO. Thank you for attending!