Sponsored by American Virtual | Over 50 Attending! | Let's Fill O'Hare! @ KORD - 101930ZMAR19


I’ll change to H14


Yep, you’re in an A321-200 to KLAX now.


Sign up now before the good gates are all gone!


Could I change to Gate M11, and take a 787 instead of the 747 to EHAM?


Yes sir!

You’ve been switched.


i’ll take K15 please


You’re signed up, see you there.


Can I switch aircraft to a 737-800




Sign up! Many European routes left!


Hi, can I have this gate?
Callisign: CLX98


Yep! Thanks for picking my first cargo route!


Will M13 be available?
I’d like to take an Air India 77L to Delhi :)


Yep you are in!

I guess I missed some M gates so I will find more International destinations later today.


Can I please have c18



If we sign up for a gate, do we have to spawn in at 18:30Z or can we spawn in at the departure time of the respective flight? I would like to join (because it’s my home airport) but I do not think I can make 18:30Z cuz that is 1:30p Chicago time


@langer00am you are signed up! Thanks for attending!

@Aniket_Joglekar I would like to have you spawn in at 1830Z because that’s when the fly out starts. But if you can not attend that is totally fine.


I have just added these gates! Sign up for them!


Many gates left!

And thank you again @AmericanVirtual for hosting this!


Gate B12 Delta Airlines B737-900 to KATL