Sponsored by American Virtual | 55 Attending! | Let's Fill O'Hare! @ KORD - 101930ZMAR19


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Hi again.
I was just wondering if it would be okay to change the flight overall from a Lufthansa 747-8 to FRA to ANA 11 to NRT as a 777-200 while remaining at the same gate.
If not, it’s okay.


Yep I can change you!


It’s an ANA 777 tho


Yep I have you down as a 777.


Sign up! Not too late!


Bump sign up


I’ll take gate F9


Sure thing! See you there.


I’ll take Gate 2B at Terminal 5👍


See you there!


Thx! You to!


Can I have K18 to SFO?


Sure thing! Thanks for coming!


Sorry I confused you. Can I have a 777-200F to Memphis for Fedex


Callsign TFC-023


I might or might not have plans that day, but I’ll go ahead and sign up, and then let you know if it interferes.

I’ll have K5, but can I change the route to DFW? American uses their 787 sometimes for their ORD- DFW route.


@BadPlane you’re at Northeast Cargo ramp 9. Thanks for coming!

@NorthernSkyy You’re signed up! If you can’t make it no worries.:)


Can I take M16 to VHHH?


You sure can! See you there!