Sponsored by American Virtual | 55 Attending! | Let's Fill O'Hare! @ KORD - 101930ZMAR19


I’ll take Gate H6, MMUN. AAV997


@Joseph007 I’ll take C8 to KPIT



You guys are all signed up! Thank you for coming!


American gates are going very fast! Get them now!


I’ll take M10 LOT Polish Airlines 787-8 to Warsaw EPWA LOT 4 please.


I would like to have this Gate, thank you :)


@Blue_Diamond196 and @Captain_JR you both are signed up. Thank you for coming!


Still plenty of featured routes left! Get them now!


Can I take any United gate for a 772 to Frankfurt?


The one United 777 to EDDF is taken, how would you like a Lufthansa B747-8i to EDDF?

If not I can switch some things around.


Could you switch me to EHAM?


Yea how does a 767-300 sound? Or still a 772?


A 763 would be great!


Can I get any gate at Terminal 5 British Airways B744 to EGLL?


@757fan you’re in thanks for coming!

@DevPatel your gate is M8 in a B747 to EGLL, also thanks for coming.


I’ll take L1


You’re in, see you there:)


Can i get gate M4


See you there, have a nice flight to Doha!


Actually any american routes to LAX