Spoken Callsigns

Hello! I heard recently that I can make my callsign spoken so instead of for EX for G-FLYR instead of Gulf Foxtrot Lima Yankee Romeo it would be pronounced G-FLYR does anyone know how to do it if so can you tell it? :)

Hello! If you find “KLM” in the menu of airline call signs instead of inputting KLM in the GA section

When you set your callsign as KLM in the airline section, it already pronounces it as KLM if thats what you mean?

Yea I know that I just gave it as an example as I use GA callsigns 3/4’s of the time.

This currently isn’t an option, not to mention that letters in aviation should be pronounced in accordance to the official ICAO Phonetics for alphabets anyways.

I thought it was an option as a while ago I remember there was a method you could use through accessibility for IOS.

Check out this amazing topic! I forgot about this, but I remember it works really well.

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Yea that was the topic I saw I tried to find it but I couldn’t find it Thanks!!

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