Spoken ATC


Like real pilots, of course there may be a problem as not all IF pilots speak English or are not very good at it maybe there could be a test, or a different server where all ATC instructions are spoken. Tell me what you think


12 year old voice “dildo incoming for landing clear the runway emergency!!!”

I don’t know if it really is a good idea.


I think I’ve seen this asked 3 times already. Try to search for what you were going to write. It means a lot more to see a feature requests with 10 likes rather than 10 feature requests with no likes.

Anyway, the outcome has already been discussed.


Wel maybe there could be some sort of punishment if other users or ATC see hear that


It should only be the air traffic controllers that get to speak, but they’ll have to follow the correct procedure. What I mean is if the controller says,for example, “N123AB cleared to taxi” the pilot wouldn’t be able to reply because he needs the right information.