SpoilersPosition - same value if Armed or Off while flying

Was trying to add spoiler confirmation and voice commands to my app and was getting weird bugs until I understood why - the SpoilersPosition field is giving me the actual spoilers position rather than the spoilers setting.

While on the ground, setting spoilers to “armed” makes SpoilersPosition become 2, because the airplane actually extends its spoilers while on the ground. But when in the air and I have spoilers set to “armed”, this value is 0. If I flip the spoiler setting to “off”, it remains 0.

…which means there is currently no way for the co-pilot to confirm any change because the change is not in the API.

Would be great if this could be added at some point, since the spoiler callouts are something quite a few users have asked for (seeing as how virtually everything else has a callout now, it sticks out like a sore thumb).


So if fixed by what I think you’re asking, the co-pilot would call out “spoilers armed” while in flight while the spoilers are actually at 0, say on final approach. Conversely they would call out “spoilers flight” if being used as air brakes while in flight?

Interesting… So you’re requesting a variable for the position the spoilers are set, not the position the spoilers are physically in, because than the copilot wouldn’t see the difference between ‘spoilers off’ and ‘spoilers armed’?

Precisely. The way it currently works is ok i guess, but it gives no way to confirm a switch from “off” to armed during approach.

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But it should be added. It’s easy to add for FDS and it makes it possible to make a checklist hint hint

You are trying to make a checklist for your app, right? And are you trying to make it look like the wonderful FS2Crew for FSX and P3D? You’re getting close to it =D

@mees (and others), Please do not comment on threads in the developer section unless you are developing something yourself. Do not comment on how easy it would be for FDS to add something because you do not know what their schedules are and do not know their code. This thread is for epaga to request a change to the API, not for others to request features for his app. Thanks.


Sorry! I really didn’t know that the comments of topics in developer are limited to the developers and publishers of apps and airports.

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