is there any button or something like that to make the spoilers automatically set from flight to armed when touching the runway.

No unfortunatley there is not, because idealy you are sopposed to slow right down to the point that you wont need the spoilers in Flight Mode because the flaps allow you to travel at a slow and steady speed on final.
You should arm spoilers before your Final Approach (Usually)
I believe your issue is Decending to fast, and you should have a slower decent rate to avoid using spoilers on Final.


so, i arm them on final ?

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Put it this way, you should be below 180knts for final, you wont need Spoilers in flight mode at this speed. (Usually)
You arm spoilers at your own discresion (when you think is right). Just make sure you Arm them before touchdown. If you are going to fast to land, just go around and try again for a slower approach. The best way to experiment would be in offline mode. But yes, Idealy arm them Just Before, or Just after beginning Final.

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Usually when flying the Boeing 737 (And most other similar sized aircraft) you should be travelling at roughly 170Knts, spoilers armed, flaps 20°, trim 30% ready for me to disengage AP smoothly at 600ft. Establish myself comfortably on the ILS. Once on mid/short final, I reduce speed to 150-160knts, double check spoilers, release gear, check lights, flaps full, and disengage AP when ready.

That’s me!



On a 737 landing flaps are typically 30, although sometimes 40. Flap deployment is usually 1, 5, 15, then 30, or 1, 5, 15, 25 then 40.

This is a typical approach profile in a 737

I do gradually deploy falps starting with 1° and so on. But when entering final they should be on at 20° usually

There is no Flaps 20 setting on a 737 though. Flaps 2 and 10 are rarely used.

Landing flaps are usally 30 or sometimes 40 in real life on a 737. The approach profile I linked to is a real world one and pretty standard for a 737. I appreciate that you can do what you want on IF, but if you want to do it realistically then the advice I gave you is the way to go.

Dude, I work the flaps up gradually, until onto short final were I extend flaps fully and double check armed spoilers. :)

Ok. Sorry I thought you might want to do it how it is done in the real world. As I said though, there is no requirement to do it that way if you don’t want to.

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@Harry did I misread or are you saying you don’t deploy gear until around 500-600ft? Gear is lowered at 7-9 NM from the runway, more like 2500ft! And touchdown speed (obviously varies on weight) is more like 135-140 knots.

Ha, no. I usually release my gear at 1000Ft, sorry, should have made that clearer.

@Ilyas I’m a bit confused at your question? The button to automatically ‘arm’ the spoilers from ‘flight’ is the button that you use to switch between ‘off’ ‘flight’ and ‘armed’…

You simply ensure you have the spoilers ‘armed’ well prior to short final. Once you touch down, as the spoilers are ‘armed’, they automatically deploy. That’s the point of arming them. It means one less thing for the pilot to have to fumble around with after touchdown

yes i now thanks to you guys I need to arm them on final and not on the runway as I usually did before.

Actually I believe if you leave it the spoilers on flight they will automatically engage when you touch the runway

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That may be the case in IF, I actually haven’t tried. I almost never need to use them in flight, so mine are either off or armed

This is exactly what happens in IF (and of course in realk life), if you set them to “arm” they will deply on touchdown.

Spoilers are typically armed when the gear is lowered. The Landing Checklist done once fully configured includes a check that the speedbrake is armed.

When I set them in flight and touch the runway they don’t deploy I always have to do it manually.

That’s odd. I distinctly remember them deploying even on flight, once you touch the runway.

If you deploy your spoilers in flight on the “In Flight” setting, then the plane spoilers won’t deploy to full upon landing.

If you deploy your spoilers in flight on the Full setting, then the spoilers should deploy upon landing

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