Oh also wanted to put in. When I touch down, I’m not able to use reverse thrust with the Xbox controller

Yeah, every control surface of a plane has its speed limitations, including spoilers. If “armed” spoilers came up mid flight in a real flight, I’m sure they’d be significantly damaged.


you playing IF on an xbox? Man gotta get an iPad or somethin, it’s a mobile simulator.


Mobile using an Xbox controller.

I am on IOS 13 beta 3

Is this a feature request or a support topic?

Armed spoilers do not deploy midair.

Honestly, I didn’t even know an Xbox controller worked with a mobile device and Infinite Flight. Maybe it doesn’t, seeing how you’re having issues with it.

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You like being redundant? Why can’t you just be simple and use the ipad’s built in accelerometers?

IOS 13 allows you to use controllers now

And I’m not being redundant, it’s just easier so I use full flaps easier

Seeing how iOS 13 is still in the beta testing stage, I’m sure that the use of controllers isn’t fully optimized. Do remember that until the official iOS 13 comes out, no apps will be completely compatible with it, including Infinite Flight.

Once the “real” iOS 13 comes out, I’m sure we’ll see optimization from all apps including IF, and maybe the addition of controller inputs.

I think it’s easier though

Take a look at this:

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Just because it’s “easier” doesn’t mean it’s 1) actually easier or 2) realistic. No real aircraft would deploy their full flaps at 300+KIAS.

I recommend learning some proper procedures about descent and the loss of speed. I’m sure you’ll find it much easier than having to fight with the aircraft as it wants to pitch up with full flaps at high speeds.

Here’s a tutorial on descent:

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I deploy flaps at 140kts before landing at around 15NM away

Ok. Deploying full spoilers in-flight. Not even realistic. And you say that flight spoilers don’t do much, but they actually do slow you down quite a bit.

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Also, remember to reduce your speed every step of your approach, instead of going 230 knots on final and realizing that you need to slow down. Like, you should not stay at your cruise speed as you are steadily descending. If the reason that you speed up has to do with your descent rate, you just need to plan it better, or do a hold to reduce your altitude steadily and get your speed down.

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Ok thanks everyone, I must be going too steep then

I go 200kts instead just so I’m not going too fast

On final.? 200 on final is kinda fast. :)

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