When do you think would be a good time to set the spoliers on during flight. Right after you start descent…during descent etc…

I’m pretty sure during descent as needed, remember they slow the aircraft down and reduce lift.

During flight I use spoilers when descending below 10k so I do not get hit with a speed violation. It comes in handy with the larger planes I have found.


I usually put my spoilers to flight during descent when I need to go down quickly. Otherwise, I would be hitting some very high speeds… :)

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Very useful when you want to slow down in the air. You can use them during descent if you’re speeding up or need to slow down (further).

I use my flight spoilers for two different purposes.
As already mentioned, one is the slow the plane as needed. The other is to increase my VS while maintaining current speed whenever I find I am a bit high on the approach.

If you’re high on approach, go around or do a 360, helps ATC out when there is traffic, :D

No reason for for a go around or 360 when you’re 1,000 feet above profile at 9,000 feet and 24 miles from the threshold. Just open up the spoilers, drop a 1,000 ft without gaining speed or changing attitude.
Most times it’s because the Standard Terminal arrival procedures I’m on requires I be at an exact altitude and speed at a specific waypoint.
And due to tail winds, I sometimes find myself a bit high and have a minute to bleed off some additional altitude.

Thanks for clearing things up! :D

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