Spoilers status in API

Right now the API gives only the spoilers position.
For example:
If plane is in flight and I have armed the spoilers, the spoilers position is reported as closed.
There is no way to figure out if it is armed or not via the API.

Is there any work around or undocumented API for spoilers ?



He is a developer of IF Joy.

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Because this is something a 3rd party IF developer might know.


As far as I know there is not as the spoilers activate only on the ground, IF Assistant reports the same thing when I arm the spoilers it just says “spoilers retracted” when in the air, Which I found no problem as when I land the plane on the ground it says " spoilers activated".

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Yes, you are correct. However we need to find whether it is armed or not, even when in air.

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If you try and arm them in the air all it will do just as it would in the RW is set them to deploy on the ground, the highlighted amber will switch from ‘Flight’ to ‘Armed’ and when you touch down on the ground is when they will deploy.

The sensors are simulated to be in the gear so when the main gear touches down on the pavement (or wherever) the spoilers activate and API can be used at that moment but I am not sure if anything can be done before then. If you were to land say a touch and go with the spoilers activated they would deploy but as soon as the gear lift off again they would retract once more.

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The issue however is, if I’m using my 3rd party app, it is ideal if I can see armed status from within my app, instead of IF.
Hopefully there is a workaround for that.

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I assumed this is a right place to get info. Maybe I should shoot an email as well.

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We have this category for a reason… :)

@Sushruth I’ll chase this up for you, cheers

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Thank you @Cameron
Much appreciated

Also, just curious.
I have been spending countless days with the API. Is it at all possible to get into the alpha or beta program for IF? I am sure my expertise with every single IF API will be valuable. Not just to find bugs with IF, but also its compatibility with 3rd party apps.

Thanks again.

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