Spoilers/Speedbrakes Automatically Retract on Go-Around

When the spoilers/speedbrakes are in the “armed” position, they automatically extend upon touch down.
Side question: when is the final point that a pilot must commit to the landing and can no longer go around? Is it at minimums, 200ft, maybe even 100ft? No, it is, in an airliner, upon the selection of the reverse thrust.
Now, any go around below the MDA, minimum descent altitude, or DH, decision height, is often refered to as a “rejected landing”.

Okay, but what does this have to do with the spoilers/speedbrakes???
Well, if you have to ‘reject landing’ either after touchdown or very close to the ground, you don’t want the “Autobrake” and spoiler/speedbrakes trying to slow you down, creating drag, and ultimately hindering the climb performance in the case of a rejected landing.

Currently, if we need to reject landing the following steps need to be applied (not a tutorial!):

  1. Set Go-Around Thrust
  2. Select flaps to a takeoff position
  3. Retract the spoilers/speedbrake
  4. Pitch up to around 15°
    Now of course that all has to be done basically simultaneously. With this feature, step 3 could be removed. It’s just one less thing to think about.
    So, what do you think? Let me know your opinion below! If you like the idea, don’t forget to leave it a vote if you can!
Thank you

@Boodz_G for creating the original topic and coming up with the idea and for letting me remake this request!

Note: I would vote for the feature, however, I am out and I just can’t clear anything :( I feel I have done the topic some good though by creating it

A good topic!
I personally have few problems with the case you described.

In the event of an unpredictable “Touch and Go”

I give Go Around Thrust and then pull the spoilers back, it’s not a difficult step.
Then I takeoff, retract the landing gear when there is a positive increase and set the flaps to the starting position!

I also believe that the order is as follows:

  • 1 Go around Thrust
  • 2 Spoilers off
  • 3 Takeoff
  • 4 Gear up
  • 5 Flaps in the Takeoff setting

If it is not correct, please improve;)


For T&G in normal conditions you should not have your spoilers armed, but yeah, thats the correct order


If you’re referring to a go-around after touchdown, then you’re actually right, and this can also be really dangerous (as you won’t be able to climb well with full spoilers). Interesting request!

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I don’t thing this is necessary as you SHOULD be at the controls and at the ready when you’re on final. Once given a Go-Around, you should immediately retract everything to take-off configuration. If you’re doing APPR, then I can kind-of feel your point, but since I have a yoke now, it’s not really a problem.

Of course you are right. Under normal conditions like training, you don’t need spoilers for T&G (unless it’s part of a training instruction)
My case related to InfiniteFlightDeck’s post, but I think it was understandable.
have improved it yet again.

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Okay, to clarify
Yes, I am referring to a go around, hence the repeat use of ‘go around’ and ‘rejected landing’.
I will look into the correct order of actions in a rejected landing.
Of course, you should be, and I am, at the controls and ready to do so, which
I do fine. It’s for for the realism in that you shouldn’t need to do this.
Okay, maybe a few of us use a yoke/joystick which may make it easier, but most of us use our main device.

I understand, but shouldn’t you be at the controls and ready when landing?

To be honest, I don’t really like the idea. If something such as even the spoliers are automated, the fun of flight is lost.

@First_Officer_Lee, I understand that. But, whay I mean is it is for the realism in that you shouldn’t need to move the spoilers, they should do that on their own as part of “ARMED”. I am - anf I hope others are too - ready to do the actions need ed in a go-around at any given moment, but, it is still unrealistic to be fiddling with the spilers/speedbrakes. Same goes here as what I am about to say below
@anon28254084, that’s fine, if that is your opinion, then I can not change that. It just depends on how much we all like to be automated.

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