Spoilers retracting too early after 22.4

Device: Ipad 6th gen
Operating system: 15.5

My Spoilers are still retracting when I end the thrust reversers at 60 kts


do you have the new update?

yes I installed it

alright, is this accuring everyflight or was this just a one time thing?

on my last two flights (A220 and B738)

Can only reproduce if I let the reversers go past 60kts.

@TylerShah try stopping the reverse at 80kts and using breaks, should fix the issue.

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I’ve had the same issue a couple times. Seems to be really random.

Ok but I thought this was going to be fixed where we would manually disarm them. I’m trying to find a source. It says in the blog the issues with ground spoilers would be fixed. Idk what that’s supposed to mean.

What I mean or what the blog means?

What the blog means

Here it is in the blog:

Laura did say in the live stream there’s certain conditions for it to be manual so I don’t think it’s supposed to be“perfect”.

I was expecting the spoilers to improve which I have seen no improvement

If you release the thrust reverser too quickly and the plane jerks forward gaining speed the spoilers will go down automatically . Try stowing the thrust reverser slowly .



And this is intentional, since you wouldn’t want to initiate a go around with the spoilers deployed.

I tried this myself numerous times 2 days ago. And as long as I didn’t release the throttle too snappy, i had no issues manually disarming them.


Thanks for the tip - if this is the case could I suggest a 5 or 10kt increase in ground speed as the trigger for a likely go around event? Otherwise the retraction is far too sensitive.

In my last flight - when releasing the thrust reverser my ground speed didn’t increase at all, just plateaued for half a second before continuing to decrease. Happy to share a replay if helpful for the devs

It probably did increase, but only by a decimal. We’ve been able to reproduce this quite consistently :)
I know Laura was somewhat pulling her hair trying to get this better. But I’ll see if we can get a somewhat improved buffer…


Thank you - I know it’s not easy getting all these features to work together - the fact we are demanding this level of realism shows you how far this app has come!