Spoilers retracting to early

Hello, even after the new update saying it “fixed spoiler behavour”
today my spoilers retracted automatically at 70 knots, this keeps happing for no reason but they are STILL BROKEN

How do you stow your reversers? Do you let the throttle go, or do you slowly bring them back to idle?

I had asked exactly the same thing. And someone answered me, slowly take back the thrust. Don’t just let go at 60 knots, but slowly push to 20% and then towards 0.
Do it like this and you’ll see it works☺️


what do you mean?

also you don’t take away revserse thrust like your applying takeoff thrust

I mean the reverse thrust.
In normal circumstances, depending on the track length ,weather and desired exit, the reverse thrust is 60-75% for Autobrake low or mediuim.

If you touchdown and activate the reverse thrust, use it up to about 60-70 knots then always go slowly up to 20% reverse thrust. When you reach the 20%, you can release the reverse thrust and brake manually…
The spoilers will stay out during the procedure as it is in real life.

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