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After the update (which is great by the way), changes have been made to the spoiler system so that you can retract them manually.
However, my spoilers automatically retract as before the update. Am I doing something wrong? After landing, I use about 60-70% reverse thrust depending on the length and conditions of the lane.
I let go at 60 knots and continue to slow down the plane, but from this point the spoilers automatically retract without I giving the command.
Why is that? Thank you in advance :)

Are you using autobrakes?

Yes, low or medium. This also depends on the track length and the exit I want to take.


Hi there,

Your spoilers will automatically retract after applying a little bit of thrust post-landing.

Safe Travels!


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It’s actually a feature of the autobrake system which automatically arms and retracts your spoilers after a certain speed. You can find more information here 🙂:

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Thank you, but I understood that after the latest update you can manually retract the spoilers, so I was a little confused now

That’s assuming you’re not using autobrakes. If you’re using autobrakes, the autobrakes will take control of your spoilers.

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Ah okay, thank you very much, my friend! Do you think I could retract spoilers manually if I deactivate Autobrake at 70 knots during the reverse thrust?

I’m not entirely sure. It’s worth a shot though.

See, the exact solution for this,is stow the reversers slowly. Like don’t let it go, take it to about 20% reverser and then put it to idle, this has worked for me.😉


At how many knots?

Its work!
Like most things in life, you can only be done with a loooot of feeling… 😉
You are my hero today, thanks!

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Aww, I’m soo happy to hear that,glad I could help you!!

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That’s incorrect. Autobrakes have nothing to do with spoiler retraction logic - both IRL and in IF.

@Mayank_Pawar is spot on! The current reverse thrust system is a little bugged where it momentarily (incorrectly) produces forward thrust which trips the spoiler retraction logic. Slooooowly stowing the reverses is a workaround for now. I’ve brought this up during testing but it’s quite lower down on the priority list at the moment, and I don’t want to poke the bear too much! ;)


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