Spoilers retract if you add full power on landing

When you touch down and the spoilers deploy, if you add full power it’s supposed to retract on its own.

I agree! And suspect this wouldn’t be too hard if a ‘fix’


Add full power? What’s that supposed to mean?

It means you apply full power…

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Decide to abort the landing.


It’s not done manually by the pilots ?

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No, it’s not. Because if you touch down and then have to go around, you won’t retract it manually while you’re in control of the yoke and the throttle.


I would like to see this but I can imagine TS1 just being full of people that do touch and goes.


Most, if not all aircraft, going to TOGA (Takeoff / Go Around) power will automatically retract the spoilers. Some even do it on any forward advancement of the throttles like the 727 I believe.


I believe this only happens on Airbus aircrafts.

So when you land, you apply full forward power? Never seen/heard that.

You don’t get what my request is? Ok, here, when you’re coming to land and make touchdown and then you have to go around, you would apply full power and the spoilers will automatically retract, get it?


That isn’t correct .

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I don’t get what you’re trying to say here.

It’s called an aborted landing. Where the aircraft has touched down but needs to immediately takeoff again for whatever reason. You don’t want the autobrakes and spoilers working to try to slow the aircraft and reduce lift when you need to abort the landing. So selecting TOGA or manually moving throttles forward to TOGA disables braking action and retracts spoilers.


Oh ok, your request wasn’t that clear, it didn’t say anything about a go around.

Thanks, that makes sense, a go around wasn’t even mentioned in the request.

It’s pretty clear[quote=“Boodz_G, post:1, topic:105071, full:true”]
When you touch down and the spoilers deploy, if you add full power it’s supposed to retract on its own.

Why do you think we would apply full power after touchdown for :)?


I understood exactly what you were asking for. I agree would love this!


I disagree, why would you want to add full power after landing anyway? Well unless you were doing touch and go’s but apart from that I disagree