Spoilers randomly turned on

Today and yesterday, when I was taxing, the spoilers randomly showed as armed, and I didn’t arm them. Today shortly after takeoff, they also randomly turned on, and I soon later shut them off. Now I don’t think it was me doing this, so is this a common bug?

Did you arm your autobrake?

If so, they automatically arm the spoilers! Thus, no bug :)

Oh, yes. I did arm autobrake. Should I keep the spoilers armed next time?

Yes! Manually disarm them when you’ve found a gap to do so after takeoff, or during taxi after landing.

What about taxi before takeoff? And when do I arm autobrakes as well? Do I arm them, before taxi, or just before takeoff?

I usually arm them before taxi, or during. It really is your preference. You can even opt to not arm them. Again, the choice is fully yours.

@Rohan2 the spoilers don’t do that on there own when your pulling the engine and your finger is on it and your also holding the Spoilers so your think it’s a glitch but it’s not

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