Spoilers Performance for Added Realism

When the auto-brake feature came out, the spoilers no longer deploy at “Armed” when on the ground. Like many people here, for realism’s sake, we do spoiler checks before departure. However, with the auto-brake feature, we can no longer do this, as the spoilers do not deploy on the ground.

Also during landing, when I turn off my reverse thrust, the spoilers retract too. This is often at 60 knots, so it is fairly unrealistic for spoilers to go back down at such a high speed.

I am not complaining or anything, but is there a way to allow the spoilers to come up to “armed” when on the ground, as well as allow the spoilers to remain deployed for longer periods of time (i.e. not retract when I off reverse thrust) during landing? Or am I missing out on something?


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Hello, currently the spoilers should stay retracted when armed and on a runway. The feature to deploy them while on the taxiway has been removed for it is unrealistic and unnecessary. Hope this helps :)

It is actually quite uncommon for pilots to do spoiler checks. What you see on the ground after pushback is typically a test of the spoilerons, which is when the spoilers deploy to assist with roll control.


I am referring to this video (7:38-7:43) which I am fairly sure that it is the spoilers, unless I am mistaken?

Just do flight mode because it is what they do on the ground

It’s hard to tell from that view if it is a spoiler test or roll test. But typically pilots do a test of the spoilerons rather than the spoilers.

umm… i doubt that’s what they actually do…

Probably shared this 25 times by now, but it can’t be repeated many times enough it seems :)


Thanks for the info! I guess ‘flight’ will have to do for now…

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