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Hey Guys, a few of you might recognise me as SasukeUchiha as its another account I frequently use. When landing on IF is it at all useful to have my spoilers set at “flight mode” to decrease lift? I’m only 16 so you’ll have to excuse my ignorance but whenever I gain hours in a 737 simulator I always use my spoilers to help my decrease lift but in IF it just seems to decrease speed instead. Thanks Guys!

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When landing your spoilers should be set to “Armed”. When spoilers are armed they deploy automatically on touchdown.
Only use Flight spoilers when descending.


Thanks @The_Greatest_Basket

Just a side note, if you are a bit hot and high and the spoilers aren’t killing off the speed enough, you can lower the gear early to create more drag and increase the rate of descent / kill off the speed more.

Obviously ever plane is different but on average you can lower the gear at about 220 knots.


MaxSez: An increase in the angle of attach (desent) will also bleed of energy early during approach. Try it you’ll like it. (Watch an auto land sequence in solo for a Demo)


Thanks Max

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