Spoilers on decent

Can i ask if spoilers are used on decent to slow the aircraft down, im a new pilot with this simulation

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Yep, spoilers are used on descent if the descent rate is too steep for the plane to naturally keep its speed at a certain point.

This fluxuates aircraft-to-aircraft in IF, but usually anything than -1800fpm would need spoilers while descending.

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It sounds a bit complicated im new to this but thanks for the feedback

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Aircraft designers spend so much effort on getting an aircraft to slip through the air in keeping wind resistance as low as possible.

So that actually becomes the problem when it’s time to come back down. A mass in motion wants to stay in motion. And an aircraft on decent is going “downhill” so has trouble with speed building up even with engines at idle.

This is because on decent, gravity easily pulls forward more than the wind pulling backward.

Flight spoilers are how you dirty up the wind resistance to keep speed down while descending.


So as a new flyer how or when would i know the right time to use the spoilers

When you are trying to get down fast enough to some altitude goal before reaching some location over the ground.

This point (combining both a height and distance change) might be your destination or an ATC assignment prior to your destination.

In changing height and distance from where you are to your goal, you use spoilers when that decent causes you to be above your desired speed.

Desired speed comes from limits that could be an ATC assignment, airspace restriction, or an aircraft speed limit (maximum flap, gear, and clean speeds etc.).

What setting should the spoiler be set at if used during descent

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I usually set my airspeed to 230kts then start to use flaps one if it’s still too fast and your airspeed won’t come down fast enough and you’re nearing an altitude of 10,000ft then I engage my spoilers to “flight” and that helps a lot quicker without a big decent drop

-1500 for the 777 i found

The 777 is nearly impossible to slow down, especially to < 250kts. 😂

Being a real pilot, you trade altitude for speed and speed for altitude. Now talking about the simulator —> But let’s say your altitude is going down, you are getting closer to the airport so you need to get lower, that’s when you use spoilers so that you can stay under <260knts or whatever your desired speed need is.

With the 777 the secrat is to have the speed set to about 2 or 3kts under what you actually want.

If i was 250 ill set my speed to about 247 or 248 depending on winds and weight

Ill need to go on the training server for a bit
To find my feet but agian thanks everyone for your help


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