Spoilers not working

Is it me not doing something right…!!
But when landing the spoilers don’t seem to work now…
Is it just me on my iPad or is it an actual think, like a little glitch in the game ?

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Could you elaborate on your issue?

Ahhh ok. Thanks for that 🤙🏼

To be sure, you can watch this video by the developers explaining the changes and new feature:


You’re describing two different issues and perhaps confusing the vocabulary a little bit -

  • Spoilers will not extend when arming them on the ground below a certain speed (both in IF and IRL). A flight control check does not involve the pilots arming the spoilers (or even touching the spoiler lever) - they simply input left or right on the yoke/sidestick causing partial spoiler extension (roll spoilers) which are used to assist the ailerons in turning the aircraft left/right. Since IF does not currently have roll spoiler implementation, the behaviour of the spoiler system, in this case, is correct.

  • Spoilers retracting automatically upon stowing reverse thrust is a bug and will be looked into. This is not how the real aircraft behaves (spoilers will not retract unless pilots moved the thrust levers past 20 degrees or manually disarmed them by physically moving the spoilers lever on the A320).

  • Both of the above points have nothing to do with the autobrake system.

Hope that clarifies things a little!


Sorry for that. I thought this came up with the implementation of the auto brake system. I’ll delete my comment so nobody gets confused.


No worries at all! Just wanted to clarify what is/ and not an issue.

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I was trying to understand what you meant by reproducing it on the a220. What I experienced was that if reverse thrust is either released before 70kts or not used at all, then the spoilers never retract, even as you come to a dead stop.

If I have reverse thrust applied anytime after passing through 70kts and release the reverse thrust, then I get the simultaneous retraction of spoilers.

If I continue to hold reverse thrust as long as possible, both reverse thrust and spoilers auto-stow at 30kts (as opposed to the 40kts stated in the video).

This presumably was discussed at some level elsewhere as I saw someone else mention 70kts in relation to spoiler retraction.

edit: But as for me, I wouldn’t necessarily consider these various outcomes to constitute a bug. I was and still am thrilled at the implementation and functionality of the new braking system. Though I completely understand those who really like to have maximum control over all available animations. Yet I understand the design reasoning, I think, in keeping things understandable at a broad level, while incorporating such realistic braking functionality across a large variety of aircraft.

@adit, as far as I’m aware, the vast majority (if not all) commercial/cargo/biz jets do not have automatic spoiler retraction like the current system in IF. The current autobrake/spoiler behavior is modeled off the A320. It should behave like this, but it doesn’t, so it is indeed a bug :)