Spoilers not working

Device: IPad something rather 2018
Operating system: iOS 14

I did some testing and the spoilers won’t come out when I land. I have spoilers on armed.
On the rare chance it does come out, it goes down without prompting after landing.

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Hey there!

The first issue you’re describing is rather unusual - could you share a video of that happening?

As for the 2nd one, the spoilers automatically retract when you’re slower than 40kts ground speed - it’s by design.

1st issue: idk how I would send on a video here as I don’t have a YT channel.
2nd: It never did this before, I’d rather have control of the spoilers than have it automatically go down.


Could you share a replay file at sharemyinfiniteflight.com so we can have a look at the first issue that you’re facing?

For the second issue, that’s correct - this has come with the new update, and the reason pertains to the new Autobrake feature. See the full technical details here:

You could upload a screen recording to Google Drive and share it, then share the link to the video here. Try to record a live flight, so we can see whether something is wrong with the spoiler settings, and in an external camera.

The 2nd one is, once again, by design, it got introduced in the brand new update - 22.2. See the reply above for the explanation on why that is (Thanks, Sooraj!)

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Fixed issue #1. Had to restart my game and iPad.

#2 is still annoying and I honestly wish they didn’t add this “feature” but oh well.


Okay I need to remember that link if I ever have a problem again…

Thanks bro 👍🏻