Spoilers not working

It’s potentially a side effect of the ailerons system, where roll spoilers are extended, though it’s not animated yet in Infinite Flight.

As a RL pilot spoilers are indeed checked prior to taxi


As far as I’m aware, they check the ailerons and as a result of that, the spoilers pop open, just like they would in-flight (known as roll spoilers); but they’re set to Armed after the flight controls check procedure, ready in case the pilots need to do a rejected takeoff.

Not true they check spoilers too prior to taxi.

For people saying that spoilers are checked, this is your most accurate answer. They don’t actually arm and deploy the spoilers; it’s just a side effect of your aileron checks that the roll spoilers go up and down.

It’s been a topic I’ve discussed with our YX, OH, and MQ crews before. Things in-game are pretty reflective as they should be irl. Two exceptions I am aware of, though, are the Dash 8 (they’ll taxi with spoilers up, but that’s a super complex logic system to have in-game). The Citation does call for a full spoilers check up and down.


[4K] Flight Controls Check - Plane Spotting KIX FUK HND KKJ / 離陸前チェック / Fairport - YouTube looking at this video you can see the Thai A380 and Japan B777 using roll spoilers and not the actual armed spoilers position


NOT TRUE. Most if not all companies require them to be checked. I can speak from over 10,000 RL hours flying

My guess is that this is something that differs heavily between the full blown airliners and general aviation aircrafts. Procedures are never the same, and a one size fits all will definitely not work too, then again, this is the first iteration. I’m sure more will come in the future.

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Our Republic, Envoy, PSA, and mainline AA crews say otherwise. Been working with those planes from push to taxi, so it’s something I personally am quite familiar with. I’m welcome to discuss any differing operational procedures you personally may experience privately.


What theschoolcop is saying is right

Maybe they’re both right…different companies follow different procedures

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It seems to be a feature across all aircraft

Based off of my experience flying in UK & Europe, most airlines test spoilers prior to or even during taxi. However, this is likely different for other airlines and aircraft around the world.

Keep in mind that sometimes what you’re seeing isn’t a test of the ground spoilers, but an aileron test and the roll spoilers are being tested at the same time.

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Based on some research….

Most aircraft are doing roll spoilers test, not the actual spoiler test. Chris sent a good video above showing this. Aircraft have become so modern that it’s technology driven making spoilers really supposed to be deployed only above a certain speed unless manual set by the pilot, which isn’t the case.

For older aircraft, they are manually set which means they might test for these.

So, depends on the aircraft and airlines on if they are test or not.

I do believe they should be allowed to go up manually though below 40kts, but I wasn’t able to find this.


I know that the spoilerons are tested as well, but there is often a test of the speed breaks prior to taxi. Although I have only really seen this happening on Airbus aircraft.


I recently flew on an A320 Neo and post landing, the spoilers remained up until we had cleared the runway, well below 40kts.

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Exactly,I’ve been on several flights where spoilers have not been dis-armed till the plane is on the taxiway…

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For now, this is the solution per Laura’s technical reply: