Spoilers not working on some aircraft


On some planes, most notably the B777-300ER, the spoilers do not deploy on touchdown despite spoilers being armed. On other aircraft, such as the A220-300, this is not an issue.

Device: Samsung Galaxy A31
Operating system: Android 11

Can you share a video of this - will help to understand the issue better.

Are you using the parking brake or auto brakes? Sometimes they don’t deploy or they retract when parking brake is used

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If you land and flick your throttle to reverse and back right away, I’ve noticed that the spoilers de-arm themselves as well


I can share a screenshot(just look at the stuff at the bottom of the screen

The spoilers will only visibly deploy when the thrust reversers are engaged.

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This ☝️, and if you want to keep them after reverse, slowy increase the throttle (which is reversing to minus %) until 0%, spoilers will keep stay. Immediately turn back to 0% won’t keep spoilers stay.


That’s incorrect, they should deploy the moment the landing gear touches the ground.


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