Spoilers not arming

<Hi there. I have a problem with my device (Samsung Galaxy Tab S2) when I want to arm the spoilers. I can click on the buttom to arm them (but it doesn’t do anything, as it shows “Spoilers Armed” but they aren’t yet. Spoilers in flight position do work. Could you help me with that, please? Thanks!>

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2:
Android 7.0:

Hi! Are you in the air when you arm the spoilers?

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Hello there and welcome back to the community. To address your immediate concerns where the spoilers are not deploying when arming them, this is an intentional change and only function when you’re above 40 knots ground speed and when your thrust levers are set to idle.

That said, some changes has been made to the spoilers and how they work in 22.2, and everything you need to know about the changes can be found in the link below from Laura that explains why these changes were made.

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This ^^^^

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