Spoilers for the 744

The angle on the spoilers on the 747-400 (when they are armed) is too high.

iPhone 6s Plus
iOS 9.2
Infinite Flight Version: 15.20.0

How To Reproduce

  1. Open Infinite Flight
  2. Select the Boeing 747-400 (You can choose any livery but I choose the KLM livery)
  3. Pick any region to start in (Make sure to be at a Gate to be able to do Number 4)
  4. Select the spoilers to Armed

I knew they were just too high in ther armed position, but I thought they were like that IRL.

No not really because I made sure to search it up before I made this

######Not My Photo#######

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No I included the photo that I got of Google for a reference on how it should be. If you compare them and look at the infinite flight one you’ll see that the infinite flight one isn’t right.