Spoilers for takeoff?

https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=2Pe9Wj1cfcQ Well I was watching this video and gave me curious what the pilots use the spoilers for takeoff, the times that I have flown with a 767 only see that pilots use the spoilers in the air


It’s used for crosswind correction mainly.


^^ I was beaten
Probably something to do with the airflow. Crosswind correction I’m pretty sure


Interesting had never seen something like this

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I honestly thought it was fake at first.


If you could see the other wing, the spoilers would most likely be retracted. They work in coordination with the ailerons.


It is not fake,That is Russian airways Transaero I think so,I’m Russian I know that they can take off in that weather because they don’t care about people at first '.

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I also thought it was fake. This is something that only comes from experience and boldness. I wonder if there are actual procedures written for this. would anyone recommend doing this on IF?

Aftor comment:
A friend who stayed in China wrote: “I thought the wind knocks my window Air protёk water creek running down the wall.”.

The airport was closed. It has been given permission to take off at the discretion of the pilots 11 aircrafts.
The planes flew very slowly. The pilots of each aircraft standing on the runway, long time to choose the moment when the wind is quieter.
8 aircraft took off. The wind increased. Runway painted red lights.
Pilots 9 and 11 of the aircraft felt that the fly is no longer possible, and turned back ships to the airport terminal.
Our “Boeing” slowly traveled by the way, and stood nose to the wind on the runway. Strong winds hit the aircraft to the front left.
The pilot waited. The wind increased even more. We must not tarry.
The plane jerked.
He slowly lifted off the ground. He pulls up and down, rocking from side to side. The screen shows the speed and height … 2,5,10,14,20 meters … then 10 meters! 11,12,14,13. The screen is switched.
Air pocket. The sound is the same as if we eat on the bumpy road. Gnashing of metal.
Passenger peredomnoy exhales loudly mouth. He was scared.
I’m looking out the window, I think about yourself. I feel like my heart was racing … 200 Beats per minute … as if running for a short distance …
His head began to ache.
Very scary. so scary … it’s just terrible …
The plane sharply down the left wing down. I know that there is the sea. Hong Kong Airport - this artificial island. Around the raging stormy sea. Not really fall? - I asked myself, and turned off the brain. Better not to think …
We are constantly falling into air pockets.
The height of 500 meters. The speed of 300-350 km per hour. Speed ​​increases.
The pilot made a turn to the left, so as not to fly to the center of the typhoon.
We turned around to his tail. Shakes.
The height of 1000 meters. Pilot retractable landing gear.
Shake fewer.
It has done.
Thanks to the pilots!


IF doesn’t have rain, lightning, thunder, or any other aspects of a storm other than wind. No point in even considering to do it now. Eventually, maybe.

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I do the problem is that my tablet gets slow when I approach a full Airport


The pilots never touched the speed brake lever. The only put the aileron into the wind (basic crosswind technique) which resulted in the spoilers being risen (on most recent airliners, the spoilers are used along with the aileron to enhance roll performances).

Don’t deploy spoilers in Infinite Flight as they’ll be risen on both wings resulting in a much much longer take-off roll.


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