Spoilers For Rolling

This is probably far fetched but I’ll attempt it. This request is for using spoilers with or as an alternate to ailerons. Using spoilers to roll are used very commonly together with ailerons during departure and arrival. The spoilers help roll by decreasing lift on one side of the wing when they are extended on that side. The spoilers used for these are also the spoilers used at landing. One idea is making different ‘modes’ for this as not everyone wants to use solely spoilers for banking and some don’t want to use it at all. I feel that this is essential to making this a complete simulator.

Here’s a video spoilers are used for rolling.


I believe there already is a feature request

Is it this?

I checked with one of the Mods, it’s fine.

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What do you mean?

Get rid off the period at the start to have it show up

I asked one of the mods about making a topic, and I presented the situation, and was told that I could make a topic.


Yes but this is a duplicate

Hey, here’s a tip, look up :)

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What? I’m sorry I don’t understand. This is a duplicate, or am I wrong?

No, look here

Back On Topic…

Were we ever off topic? It’s all concerning the topic lel

This threads specific topic is a feature request under the name of “Spoilers For Rolling”. The discussion directly concerning this topic would be about and or why this feature should be implemented into the Infinite Flight mobile simulator. Any other remarks not affiliated with this idea such as duplicate topic inquiries (which have already been sorted out above) can therefore be interpreted as off topic to the proposed implementation originally requested.

Ok, I’ll bite, Yes, I’d like this feature

On a slight deviation, would be nice to have the 777 flaperon move, as it currently doesn’t.


Yes! This would make it much more realistic.

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Would love to see this implemented :)

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That doesn’t mean that we can allow a duplicate

Did you miss the part where the mods said Okay?