Spoilers ‘flapping’

In the image below you can see a 737 just after takeoff:

My question is, why do the spoilers seem to flap just after takeoff when the pilots are trying to gain speed? Does anyone know the reason why?

Thanks, Jacob

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it is needed to add the moment of lift to the plane to take off

I think they’re for correcting the airplane in the wind.

If the aircraft banks to the right, the spoilers on the left wing open slightly and vice versa.


However, from what I know, don’t the spoilers reduce lift? For example, on landing when the spoilers are extended to take the lift off the wings.

oh sorry I just read the flaps, I didn’t read the spoilers

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Spoilers on certain aircraft will raise slightly when banking fully to one direction. Chances are it is windy, and the pilots are managing the turbulence. The spoilers add faster and sharper turning ability.


agree with this maybe

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These are called “roll spoilers”.

Read more:


This video explains it.

They are there to help stabilise the aircraft, they are controlled by the pilot.


Some aircraft use differentially controlled spoilers to provide roll instead of conventional ailerons.

Some modern airliners use spoilers to assist the ailerons and at high speeds, only the aileron would be used for roll procedures as even a slight deflection makes a big difference.

For low-speeds, the flaps help in reducing the stress on the hydraulics powering the aileron and provide better low-speed control.


It gives extra power when turning,the spoiler work as ailerons.To do this you set spoilers to armed.


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In real life,not IF.If you want to see this in IF i have a feature request for it.

They help partially stall the wing on the inside of the turn, allowing for greater turning ability at lower speeds

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So if you’ve ever watched a video, or if you’ve ever seen this IRL, When pilots perform the control check and when the spoilers rise in-coordination with the ailerons… Spoilers are NOT armed.

So you’re saying every time an aircraft is under say 230 kts, pilots will arm their spoilers JUST to roll to the left and right?

The spoilers will only assist the ailerons at lower speeds where the hydraulics will automatically be in coordination, which is decided by the flight computer :) not by setting spoilers to armed.

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I would assume spoilers “flap” to counteract body roll and keep the plane stable during certain conditions.

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