Spoilers don’t deploy whilst in flight on the A380

Device:Ipad Air5
Operating system:IpadOS17.4
Whilst flying the spoilers do not deploy for rolling like shown in the stream etc. neither with autopilot nor when flying by hand.


You have to tilt your device quite hard to activate the spoilers

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Yeah I noticed this too, it’s a shame, and quite disappointing

Tilt full left/right to see this. If it’s not showing, check your control sensitivity in the Config page of the Controls tab (see Settings | Infinite Flight for more)

The issue isn’t on the ground it’s in the air even banking 90 degrees nothing

Looks fine in the air on my end as well. Have you checked your controls sensitivity?


It’s on the default settings

Just tried it here on my iOS device on default settings (clean install) and it is working fine here too :/

Can you share a screenshot of that Config page in Controls?

I uploaded one for you

Sorry, not sure why this isn’t working for you. As long as you are above 110kts indicated and flying, they should be working. We’ll keep an eye on it.


I’ll see if it fixes itself

I’m having the same issue, followed same processes.


Could you share a video of the issue? Try turning manually and on A/P with a camera next to the wing (the default Left Wing camera should suffice) with a screen recording running, upload it to YouTube, Google Drive (make sure the file sharing is set to “Anyone with the link” if you use this option) or similar, and share the link here. If you could also have the yoke displayed at one of the spots in the status bar while recording, that would be great as well.

Will do that

I am facing same issues i also noticed that on my android

Same issue, nothing.

It’s been internally noted that the spoilers don’t move (as much) as in real life.
Note that this is the first rendition of roll spoilers.
Hopefully the next version will be more satisfying. :)

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