“Spoilers” appears on C-130 HUD and affects takeoff performance during touch-and-gos.

Hello all,
Is anyone else experiencing the issue mentioned in the title? When ever I land the c-130J and then throttle up to go, spoilers deploy (I’m pretty sure real C-130s don’t even have spoilers). Also, there is no control button for spoilers in this aircraft.
Please let me know if anyone has a solution to this problem.

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As much as I can see here, it’s just a minor issue that appears in the HUD view.

  • Everything should be okay and not impact your flight unless you can visually see the spoilers in the wing view.

Might need a rework for that.

Just a fix. No rework neded

You would have to rework the leading edge of the wing.

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Thanks so much for checking this out. I have more information and I believe it will be enough for you to apply a fix.

First, when it shows spoilers on, takeoff performance is SIGNIFICANTLY affected. So there is definitely something happening.

But, the issue only happens when starting a flight on approach to a runway. On airliner models, the default configuration has spoilers set to “armed”. I believe that, somehow, the C-130 is configured with armed spoilers upon beginning the flight. And since there is no control button for spoilers on the C-130, I am unable to turn off spoilers.

I hope that additional information helps. And thank you again for your help!

I am sorry if this is actually affecting your takeoffs.

A simple reinstall should fix the issue, although this really shouldn’t happen to my surprise.

If you are reinstalling Infinite Flight, be sure to save your replay files before deleting the app. Let us know then if this issue proceeds.

I deleted, then reinstalled and the issue proceeds. When you have time, I encourage you to begin a flight on approach to some runway in the C-130, attempt a touch-and-go, and I am confident that you will see the “SPOILERS ON” message and also notice that the aircraft does not lift off again at normal rotation speed.

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A reinstall didn’t fix the issue? This now becomes a problem to how the aircraft was developed. I will now check if this is also happening on my side.

No, they’re not. So what you’re saying is a bit odd.

Which C-130 model?

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It happens in the C-130J when you deploy reverse thrust.

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I just tried the C-130J model on a solo flight, and I selected the short final option at a random airport.
I can confirm that as soon as you bring reverse thrust back, the “SPOILERS ON” message comes to life, but only when you have thrust reverse activated, and when you are on the ground (doesn’t appear if thrust reversing in mid-air). However, I cannot confirm that the stopping performance of the aircraft is increased.


Ah. Thanks!

No, I don’t see any flight performance issues either… hm.

I would guess this is just a bug that made it past the devs and beta team. It is probably hard to notice because rarely do people have a pro subscription and do solo flights, much less often “short final” flights, and even less often specifically in the C-130J.

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So it’s probably because pressing ‘short final’ arms the spoilers on suitable (and apparently unsuitable) aircraft, right?

So it would seem. I can not reproduce this when spawning on the runway and doing a pattern.

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I think people are starting to see that, while relatively minor and specific, there is an issue.

Check out this video I just made for an exact example of what I’m talking about:

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Same here. Only when starting the flight on approach.

Yep. It’s on the entire C-130 family.
I’ll get it looked at.



Thank you!

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