Spoiler Question

Quick question, if you have your spoilers set to “flight” and you’re about to land, is it ok to leave them there? Will the spoilers fully extend upon landing, or do you have to set it to “armed”?

At some airports there’s a steeper descent than normal and to bleed off speed I have to use flight spoilers. It would be helpful to know if I don’t have to change them to “armed” at the last minute.

Only airport i know they have spoilers set to flight until touchdown is London city… Elsewere you have to have them armed.


Assuming you mean spoilers, you need to have them on armed for them to extend upon landing.

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Oops, I’ll correct that. And thanks for the answer.


Heard of Gustaf III Airport?

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I did yeah but that is GA airport

Still an airport ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Really fun to fly into though.


I think it’s necessary to change them to armed if You want them to extend on the runway. Is it possible for You to do so like a few nautical miles out?

I’ll check Gustaf III airport out, seems interesting.

Yes you have to, they won’t extend fully unless you set them to Armed.


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