Spoiler Issue

Device: iPhone 13
Operating System: 15.4

Hello, just spawned in for a flight to BHX with Ryanair and I carried out my flight control checks as I usually do as I aim to be very professional and realistic. As I put my spoilers to the “flight” position everything was normal, then I put them to the armed position but they stayed in the flight position. I apologise if another topic has been made about this issue but I couldn’t find one!

Here you can see my spoilers are armed but they have remained in the flight position

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That’s intentional. The spoilers are now tied directly to the auto brake system, which more resembles real life behavior.

You can learn more about this here:


So it’s intentional for my flight spoilers to be up for taxi? Before the update came out yesterday when I armed them they stayed down but now when I arm them they stay in the flight position

Oh, my bad. I may have been a bit too quick on the read there.

I’ll double check the expected behaviour here. We intended to have some changes to this with 22.3 but had to postpone due to a few issues. This might have slipped in unintentionally.

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Yeah I realised there was a bit of confusion. Your fine tho. It’s just when I had them armed they would stay in the flight position so I had to take off without them armed

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Any update on this? Is it an issue or

I’m able to reproduce this however it seems to be a glitch. Only when you move the spoilers to flight and then armed does it stay in that position. When you put it directly from off to armed, nothing happens.

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Ahhh yes i’ve just tested that, yeah it seems like they stay up when you do flight spoilers directly to armed then

It’s been noted internally as an issue now.
It will be looked at for 22.4.

Thank for the report!


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