Spoiler animations


I would love to have new spoiler animations, this would make a better and more realistic experience in Infinite Flight.

As you can see, not all spoilers deploy at the same time.

Here’s also another requests to improve the spoilers:

I did not know that. Looks like I nice touch that could be added to the sim!


i think that should be added for boeing , because i usually see Airbus spoilers deployed at the same time


i would love this

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That would be awesome! Great request here. Never new we actually needed these but I think it would make a big difference.


In addition to the visual aspect, a “rough air sound” with the flight spoilers deployed while flying Being heard from the cockpit/inside views would be a nice touch as well

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Well, this wasn’t added in 20.2. Let’s hope it gets added in future updates!

Keep voting!

The flaperon too.


I hope they add this in the new 757!

I wish they added that flight spoiler animation for the B777

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