[Spoiler] All B757-200 Liverys

Hopefully we see a freighter in the near future since all they have to do is re work the cabin and not the whole aircraft for the 757F, hopefully i’ll be flying the UPS livery sometime soon

Im definetly flying the Sunday Airlines to Sharm-El-Sheikh

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Sunday Airlines’ livery is surprisingly tropical considering it’s based in a country made of mountains and constant tundra.


Can you guys give adequate warning about which liveries will be removed before hand next time? I really appreciated the early warning last time of AC livery being updated because I had a flight that I really wanted to do on the old AC 777.

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Would have appreciate Shanghai airlines but CSN is always welcome.

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I mean they did. Without saying exactly which but giving a definite heads up

We’ve communicated what’s being developed every step of the way. If you’re asking that we release the livery list when it’s decided on… no, that’s not going to happen. Mysteries are always fun! 😉

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This update looks awesome af but my only disappointment is the United 757 didn’t get the rolls Royce and the scimitar winglet I was so excited for that 😭


Not talking about the full livery list. I think some people would appreciate knowing the list of removed liveries more than like 5 days before the release. Apparently some VAs were even affected by this.

The UA 757 has them now



Kindly put, this isn’t owed nor should it be expected. We’ve shared a great deal of progress and WIPs along the way so our community knows what’s coming. 🙂

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Yep Kazakhstan

😱😱😱when!!!im so excited now!!!

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Where did you get that pic?!

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I mean yeah, losing an aircraft for a VA Sucks, especially when you don’t have alot of liveries to start with, but complaining would not help anyone’s case. Am I dissapointed we lost the AAY livery? Yes, I am. What Can I do? Best I can do is create a feature request and just hope it comes in an update in the near future!

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Really all I’m saying is some people will want time to say goodbye to old liveries by doing a flight on them. And removing 7 liveries with less than 5 days notice is not really adequate warning.

I just took it myself and when I found out I was really shocked and excited too 😃😃

In case you were wondering that was taken at McCarren Intl. Terminal D


The update is out rn??!!!

It’s the beta but I believe that it is open for everyone now 😃🥴😊

Where and how can I find the beta to join